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    Through an article on Inside BlackBerry I've found an interesting link to a comparison between Passport and Galaxy Note 2 (assuming that these specs/features are right):

    The reason/intention for this thread was not to make a comparison but to see a nice overview of the Passport specs (if they are final?)

    BlackBerry Passport vs Samsung Galaxy Note II - Mobile Phones Specs Comparison

    Orginal link to the Inside BB article: Welcome Back! 12 Consumers On Why Theyll Buy a BlackBerry Passport | Inside BlackBerry
    Well, OP, I think that comparison page is really interesting. I didn't know about all those specs for the Passport, either.

    I do question the validity/accuracy of the list, however, since it's user-submitted. Meaning that the list was made by random people on the Internet. For example, if you look at the Samsung specs it shows that it has a light for the video camera and that the Passport does not - I highly doubt that to be the case. Additionally, it states that the Passport will be running 10.1, which we all know to be untrue.

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    08-02-14 10:28 AM
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