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    After seeing how the sales go and the positive atmosphere around the Passport I have a strong feeling that we have hit a threshold. For the first time in its history blackberry purely emphasized the business aspect of its flagship device. I remember the days when the first iphone was challenged with the storm devices which failed miserably. As the iphone started to dominate the market we had the torch which I still love but lacked anything and everything the iphone offered. As apple was riding high we were going nuts over bis shortages and listening to Lazaridis apologizing with a black tshirt. Thank god for samsung that apple couldnt fully dominate the market. And here we are in 2014 when neither apple nor samsung offer the huge improvements they used to offer before. Just polished specs larger screens better materials. How about blackberry? With one single device blackberry offers us a completely redefined mobile experience one that even seasoned blackberry users need time to get use to. And its a huge success. We are witnissing the turnaround of the century. Thanks to John Chen to all the engineers and workers to the Canadian government for backing these guys up and to us for being loyal followers regardless of what fanbois of other devices throw at us. Rimpire strikes back!

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    10-28-14 04:08 AM
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    Im hoping it will be more spectacular than that blackberry has received too many blows in the last 8 years. It cant get any worse so the only way is up from now on.

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    10-29-14 04:31 AM

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