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    Hi, I've a Q10, but I'm thinking of getting a Passport. But I'm afraid of not getting used to this 3 row keyboard. I'm very used to this 4 row keyboard after years of BlackBerry use (although I've an S5 also).
    I use my BlackBerry to get my work done, and I wouldn't like to find that this new keyboard doesn't work well and that I'm not as fast as with my Q10...
    I've seen the videos but I'd like to get an honest advice. Not some marketing propaganda...
    Thanks in advance.

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    12-06-14 04:55 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    IMHO, moving from the Q10 keyboard to the Passport should not be as much of an adjustment as when I moved from the Z30 to the Passport. To be honest, it did take a few days before I was completely comfortable with it. After that, I just continued to get faster. I'm now up to at least my speed on the 9900.

    I think that the bigger adjustment for you may be the size. It is decidedly wider than the Q10 and somewhat heavier. I'd strongly suggest getting your hands on one to check the size before jumping.
    12-06-14 06:07 PM
  3. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    Ditto the man above me.

    I found the same, but the size took me probably three days to get use to it, now when I go back to my Z30 it just doesn't look right.

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    12-06-14 07:14 PM
  4. AnhPham's Avatar
    I just think that the keyboard on the Passport works perfect. Once you get use to it, it?s gonna be hard coming back to the Q10. Believe me, I've tried

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    12-06-14 07:22 PM
  5. nbaliga's Avatar
    Takes a lot of getting used to, but IMO it's definitely worth it! Each person will adjust differently based on hand size etc, but for me it took 2 weeks to get used to it, and another week or so to get back to normal.

    HUGE advantage of the Passport is the flick typing which will speed up your words per minute. Also it learns as you go, so your predictions and throughput get better with use.

    What I found the most difficult to get used to was the space bar and the punctuation bar and soft numeric key pad. The 3 rows actually isn't that much to get used to.

    Hope that helps!

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    12-06-14 07:40 PM
  6. SK122387's Avatar
    I had a Q10 from the day it launched in June 2013 and then got the Passport. I was downright fearful of the three rows after years of having the four rows.

    I bought the Passport to support BlackBerry and because I thought I'd branch out and do something different.

    Since I got my Passport in September, I have fallen in love with it! The keys all make sense, and you'll see what I mean if you get one. The swiping down to get the symbols has become second nature and I now use the flicking up a lot more than I did on my Z10 and Z30.

    My mom has a Q10 and I sometimes help her with stuff in it, and I now can't imagine using the Q10 or three rows. You just get so used to it and it all works so well.

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    12-06-14 07:42 PM
  7. southlander's Avatar
    I had a Tour, a Curve and a Bold 9930.

    I find the 3 row layout superior. The virtual keys are laid out in such a manner that it makes perfect sense once you use it.

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    12-06-14 07:45 PM
  8. surgeon1919's Avatar
    The adjustment isn't about the rows. The adjustment is in the size difference.

    I too, came from a Q10 as my daily phone and Z10 as my occasional phone.

    You will need both hands to type on the Passport. Other than that, I love this phone.

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    12-06-14 07:46 PM
  9. myboxerssayjoe's Avatar
    Coming from the Z10, I have a harder time typing on the q10. No problem with the transition to the Passport.

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    12-06-14 11:33 PM
  10. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    You won't be as fast as with your Q10 for the first few weeks, but you will learn how the virtual keys are mapped to the physical keys in a very similar way to how the symbols are mapped to physical keys on the Q10. The only difference is that on the Passport you swipe down once on the key board to simulate pressing the "Alt" key.

    The human brain is amazingly flexible and will quickly adapt to the Passport's keyboard. It will be a bit of work initially, but the much bigger screen will really make it worth sticking to it.

    I came from a Z30 and had a tougher time adjusting than my wife, who had a Q10. Just plan for an adjustment period.

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    12-06-14 11:49 PM
  11. beta_seeker's Avatar
    I've used my passport for over 1 month now and I think I got used to the 3 row kb in 2 weeks time. I agree that it does take time to get used to 3 instead of 4 but you will get there, some people will be faster than others. For me, I confused the B for N and pressed M accidentally thinking it was the period (dot). Which one is better? Personally I still like the 4 row kb just cause there are more physical buttons, but that's not to say you won't like 3, the best is ordering it from Amazon and if you don't like it, return it within the first month for a full refund. Good luck.

    Posted from my BB Passport in HK
    12-07-14 12:15 AM
  12. guygardner73's Avatar
    The truth is that some adjustment time is required, but you'll get used to the passport keyboard after a month or so. Many people are waiting for the classic for this very reason. Anyhow, I love mine. (now) lol.

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    12-07-14 01:36 AM
  13. Thalakar's Avatar
    Most people will get used to it however it's hard to say for sure until you do make the choice and get one it worked out great for me.

    Be careful with posts here as its human nature to justify actions and to rally behind decisions once made so I would assess the pros / cons and play with one in store for an hour to decide if you want to give it a shot

    Posted via CB10
    12-07-14 03:47 AM
  14. huungryshark's Avatar
    Why just 3rows with a phone so big

    Played around with the Passport and will buy one once the quality problems are ironed out but as my daily driver, no way!
    Too big and I love using my phone with one hand

    Z10 (red) OS Q5 (red) OS
    12-07-14 04:03 AM
  15. Nasser Alomran's Avatar
    I have a white Q10 and the new passport. I hate to say this, as it might sound to cliched and not original, but once you go passport you cant go back.

    It took me 3 days to get used to the passport, people claim 2 weeks. Perhaps its something to do with my genes, maybe I get used to things to quickly and my brain maps things rather fast, maybe not. However yesturday I did a backup of my passport to be sent back, as mine has the losse-keys keyboard issue. I think it will take me 3 days to readjust to the small Q10 keyboard, the little tiny keys now seem to be a hassle.
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    12-07-14 05:29 AM
  16. anon(4077577)'s Avatar
    I keep reaching down for a full stop, forgetting that now it's on the soft row.

    ...Ten BlackBerrys and counting....
    12-07-14 05:52 AM
  17. gnirkatto's Avatar
    OK so you asked for honesty, rather than sales pitches. Here you go:

    I'm coming from Q10/Q5, and before that, many years of BBOS. Now I've been using a Passport, since about 2 months or so. Yes I had a Z30 in between, but HATE typing on glass with a passion. I'm just not capable of it. My take on typing on the passport:

    • The physical keys are excellent, and feel very addictive to use.
    • Exception: the space bar. Not hitting it in the very middle means soft and imprecise feedback. To me, this still happens quite often, as the space bar is smallish, which makes it easy to miss its center.
    • The 3 rows keyboard needs up to 2, sometimes 3 weeks to getting used to, if your'e coming from a classic keyboard style. My left thumb sometimes still nervously seeks an imaginary alt-key, but this no longer feels like a big deal to me.
    • When typing really fast, I sometimes hit the virtual keys row at the bottom of the screen, when trying to hit a key in the first PKB row. Then a period or comma gets inserted, and I have to swipe back to delete. This is kinda annoying, and still happens after several weeks of practise.
    • Selecting special characters works in the same way as on the Q10, press and hold a key, then select its variation from the screen. This interrupts the typing flow, but is not worsening the Q10 typing experience. I don't like the alternative method of press and hold, then lightly tap the PK until the desired character was selected, then press key again. I think this is more cumbersome.
    • For me, the trouble starts when having to type on glass. This will be needed when more exotic characters have to be chosen. In case of the more commonly used ones (e.g. - % / etc.) you will soon memorize the respective keyboard shortcuts, which works great. When typing longer strings of numbers and/or special characters, then you will have to type on the screen, which again interrupts the flow of typing. I always have to change the way I hold the PP, as I'm often missing the character I want to hit on the screen with my thumb. So I need an index finger, and therefore a changed holding position.
    • Last, but not least, text selection and cursor positioning. Although this now works by use of the touch sensitive keyboard, I'm finding myself to increasingly using the "old fashioned" way of dragging and positioning the bubble by swiping/tapping on the screen. I find the keyboard method to be overly sensitive, and in particular in less convenient typing situations like in a bus or train or while walking, it becomes almost impossible. There is hope that this will improve over time in future OS releases, as in theory this is a great feature.

    My final (very personal) verdict: PP typing and KB usage is a mixed bag. The level of satisfaction goes from 'excellent' to 'annoying'. Just recently I tried to use my spare Q5. I still like the keyboard, but think I can no longer handle its tiny screen, after the PP experience.Therefore I will take a close look at the Classic as soon as it gets released. If this doesn't make me happy either, I will stick to the PP and continue to get used to its quirks, as the overall package is excellent.
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    12-07-14 06:38 AM
  18. RexdaleNap's Avatar
    Perhaps its something to do with my genes, maybe I get used to things to quickly and my brain maps things rather fast, maybe not.
    Your relatives will hav s similar gene, due to 1st-cousin marriage. Perhaps, you should convince them?
    12-07-14 06:49 AM
  19. Nasser Alomran's Avatar
    Haha already tried, my folks are too simple, going for the iphone for simplicity. They think that my passport is way too complicated for them. Its a piece of art, love my passport and worth ditching my galaxy note 3, sorry samsung

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 11:02 AM
  20. David Chu's Avatar
    The change on sheer size of the phone is much more than say the arrangement and positioning of the keyboard keys I assure you

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 11:29 AM
  21. Vintage123's Avatar
    Despite my steadfast determination, I have found that although I can type okay on the PP, I am not proficient at it and don't enjoy it like I did with my Q10, as well the ones prior. The main reason I have stayed with BlackBerry is because of the physical keyboard. That is really the only reason, if I'm being totally honest. I will admit that I am fiercely resistant to change but I'm not above giving it my best effort. I love MANY things about the PP but the 3 row keyboard isn't one of them. I think I would have adapted better if the device wasn't so top heavy or if there was some stabilization at the bottom of the keyboard. My fingers cramp and holding/typing on it for over five minutes remains awkward. I have to look at the keyboard while typing, whereas my Q10 I could type on it with my eyes closed. I will keep this device and use it like a tablet but I will be going to the Classic.

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 12:07 PM
  22. muratb's Avatar
    Nasser...what was your problem with PP? loose keys? What do you mean?

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 12:24 PM
  23. j21jam6's Avatar
    I used a Q10 for some time before switching to the Z30. In preparation for the passport, I used my Z30 in landscape mode as much as possible for about a week leading up to the arrival of my passport. Very first realization was that it wasn't as wide as I anticipated.
    Since I've used four different devices this year alone, subconsciously, finger placement, comfort, ease of use, and such are done as I'm handling the device. By the time set-up was complete I felt very comfortable. The adjustment period was, well it was minimum. Everyone is is different, our perspectives are different, our use, whether or not we take to adjustment easily, so many factors. Getting "use to" the new keyboard is played out daily, as we do the very task and duties life, work, and play calls for. Am I as proficient? More proficient? The answer to those questions tell me whether or not I'm use to the keyboard and the phone itself.
    I embrace change, it's one of the few guarantees in life. The keyboard is a definite change. But, the benefits are well worth it. How long does it take? One day max.

    Posted two-handed via Passport
    12-12-14 12:57 PM

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