1. najibs's Avatar
    So last night before going to bed, I hook up my Passport on the charger, like I always do. This morning when I wake up and go to check my daily morning e-mails, it prompted me for the password screen, which was unresponsive, so I held down the reboot button, which after 10 minutes just kept showing the dark black "blackberry" screen and did nothing.

    Then I tried holding the volume buttons and the reset button at the same time, and it rebooted but stayed stuck on the "finalizing device setup" screen for over an hour. When I try resetting again, I get either of these 2 screens, so clearly there's a problem. I'm oping this is not a permanent issue that has deleted my data because I have nothing backed up.

    What do I do to fix this and get the phone working again?

    05-05-15 06:17 PM
  2. JPushkarH's Avatar
    Any Solution for this .. ?
    02-16-17 09:05 PM

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