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    I started having an issue with my Passport starting on July 17th. It stopped making or receiving phone calls. Since this has happened I have contacted Blackberry support and they do not have a resolution for the issue which was caused by their software. So far we have around 6 people on Blackberry community support forum that are also having this issue. If anyone is interested in participating in the forum we are trying to gather as many people together so we can confront blackberry as a group. Individually they have been dismissing our issue and refuse to provide a solution for it.
    Link to the Blackberry Community Support Forum:
    08-08-16 01:56 PM
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    Wow LOL incredible!

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    08-08-16 04:49 PM
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    This is the link they provided me with state that there is no resolution at this time.

    BlackBerry 10 smartphone loses signal strength or experiences dropped calls after updating to BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.2

    This is pretty disgusting for a company to pull this kind of thing. In all honesty the did the same to me with the Playbook. I paid hundreds of dollars for a Playbook and it wasn't even usable at a certain point because they decided to stop supporting it and the one thing I was using it for (watching streaming video) stopped being supported by several providers.
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    08-11-16 08:15 AM
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    I'm also one of the customers hit by this issue!
    Woke up one morning and went to work with a fully operational phone. returned home with a Tablet PC WiFi only. Big red cross in the signal area.
    There have been occasional flashes of signal since then but nothing useful.
    I have contacted Blackberry Help on twitter and by E.Mail but, apart from a couple of standard initial responses they soon backed away.
    I booked my handset in for repair with a third party repair centre but drew their attention to this thread before I sent them the brick. They decided not to attempt a repair after reading these comments which leaves my stranded again.
    I have sent an E.Mail to the CEO of Blackberry/RIM U.K. but don't expect to even get a response from that. Worth a shot though. Contact John Chen next I feel!

    08-11-16 09:20 AM

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