1. AlexJ92's Avatar
    Hi, I have made the switch today from the iphone 6 plus to the blackberry passport and I am liking the experience. The only problem I have is that the keyboard seems very stiff, so when I am using it it sometimes isn't registering, anybody else?

    Posted via CB10
    10-13-15 09:00 AM
  2. zehkaiser's Avatar
    It will get a bit easier as it is used. If you continue to have problems after a week or so, contact BlackBerry or your vendor for a replacement.

    Posted via CB10
    10-13-15 09:28 AM
  3. AlexJ92's Avatar
    Thankyou, I am enjoying the passport and it's a good change from the iphone 6 plus. I joined abit late but it's worth it lol

    Posted via CB10
    10-13-15 09:32 AM
  4. yyz321's Avatar
    Did you get the original Passport or the Silver Edition?
    I've only had my original Passport for a few days and the keyboard is noticeably harder to press than the SE.

    I'm hoping that the keys will get softer over time.

    Posted via CB10
    10-13-15 09:57 AM
  5. AlexJ92's Avatar
    I prefer the black passport so I went for the original

    Posted via CB10
    10-13-15 10:47 AM
  6. newcollector's Avatar
    Since you have been screen typing on the iPhone, it will take you a while to get the pressure right. Also, don't type with your nails or the very tips of your thumbs. The keys are designed to work best when pressed with the thumb pad.

    Posted via CB10
    10-13-15 01:46 PM

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