1. cogphn's Avatar
    Ok so I've seen variants of this question asked before. Once upon a time my passport battery was about to die, I plugged it into my wall charger, but shortly after I needed to leave, so unplugged it, and it died almost instantly. Since then my passport is doing that thing where:
    1. Won't turn on, for anything
    2. When plugged in to the wall or computer, the red light turns on and stays on
    3. No amount of power button / volume up-down holding makes anything different happen
    4. Blackberry link can't detect it, fails to reload software
    5. Autoloaders can't find it
    6. Left it charging for a full day, attempted to power on / get some kind of response while it was plugged in, without success

    So I'm at the point where I think the default suggested solution is that it needs to be 'sent back to blackberry'. But before I do that, I'm reasonably ok with voiding my warranty if a simple battery removal and re-insertion can fix it (I hear it's possible to remove the passport battery with a little effort). Suggestions from some other brave soul that might have tried this?

    I'm just looking for options; It's kind of difficult to get my device to blackberry from where I live.
    Thanks in advance!
    08-25-16 06:07 AM
  2. bakron1's Avatar
    If it was my device, I would send it back to Blackberry, my friend had a similar issue and he ended up sending it back so they could repair the device. He got his device back in about three weeks.
    08-25-16 07:07 AM
  3. lpthomasson's Avatar
    I just responded to a similar post where the person's battery seems to be dying. Sounds like your battery is shot. There are videos on You Tube about how to take apart a Passport. I was considering taking apart my AT&T Passport and replacing the battery when my battery started to die after the phone was a little over a year old. However, I could not locate a replacement battery. So rather than taking it apart, I ended up having to replace the device through AT&T's insurance program.

    Posted via CB10
    08-25-16 09:22 AM

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