1. BlackCatCycles's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I work at a vinyl sticker company and have free reign on the machines.
    Does anyone have exact measurements of the passport so I can start producing skins? I'd measure it myself but I'm useless at it lol

    Posted via CB10
    11-25-15 12:23 PM
  2. mfk2901's Avatar
    Hey, I bought a decal sheet roll, and also I am looking for the dimensions to make my own skin. Any help would be appreciated as to what dimensions does the passport has (especially the back panel)
    11-25-15 11:06 PM
  3. pboud_01's Avatar
    OG passport SIZE

    Height 131.4 mm / 5.17 in

    Width 90.5 mm / 3.56 in

    Depth 9.25 mm / 0.36 in

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    11-26-15 01:52 AM

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