1. Bart kouwenberg's Avatar
    Hello fellow passport owners

    I was hoping that the carriers would Come wit the passport silver edition.. this moment the SE is only available from shop blackberry and amazon..

    Does this stay this way? Or can we expect the device with carriers as well in the future?


    Posted via CB10
    08-17-15 02:23 PM
  2. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    As far as I know, no carriers have committed to stocking the SE.

    BlackBerryaholic by choice.
    08-17-15 02:33 PM
  3. JREwing's Avatar
    Why would any carriers even mess with Blackberry? The carriers don't promote Blackberry, are extremely late pushing updates, and the stores are stocked with sales people who will laugh at you when you even mention Blackberry.
    Blackberry has it right pushing their devices through Amazon and Shopblackberry. Plus, when you don't buy it from a carrier, it comes unlocked and you can upgrade them much easier and have less carrier bloatware.
    08-17-15 03:47 PM
  4. blambtn's Avatar
    Nope. Unlocked is the way to go anyway.

    Posted via Passport SE - 
    08-17-15 06:30 PM

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