1. Matt_V1's Avatar
    Has anyone else had this issue?
    Have tried different locations, different signal levels and different numbers. There is a tinny noise as people speak, have reset phone several times.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Posted via CB10
    01-04-16 01:05 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    I wonder if BlackBerry has a new vendor for phone speaker parts. When I got my Priv in November, my phone speaker seemed slightly blown giving a distortion at the louder or deeper portions of a caller's speech.

    I took my Priv in to my carrier for warranty repair. The next week I was just issued a brand new Priv and it's been totally fine.

    It's a physical hardware issue with the device. I would definitely recommend you take it in ASAP.
    01-04-16 03:39 PM

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