1. Snilleblixt's Avatar
    I've noticed a clear lag with my Passport SE lately and I'm wondering why. I've got the latest software as well as the updated Android runtime. It's particularly evident when I try to run Adroid apps and I'm wondering if it's to do with latest updates from Snap apps as these might be optimized for the latest Android phones. I've cleared my cache. Any other ideas or am I the only one?

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    03-07-16 09:22 AM
  2. valiant29's Avatar
    Check the amount of free RAM. Using many android apps or working with them makes ram fill up quicky many times. Happened to me before couple of days, had only 400 mb free ram left, only realised that when the OS started hibernating the native apps. Reboot fixed all the lagging.

    Posted with Passport SE
    03-07-16 10:15 AM
  3. gravesend60's Avatar
    OP is 100% correct, lately I've notice same thing.

    Blackberry Passport
    03-07-16 10:59 AM
  4. RoseBud68's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    03-07-16 11:47 AM
  5. Snilleblixt's Avatar
    I've re-booted many times of course but it doesn't help. Sometimes everything on the phone has a 20 second delay. It's extremely frustrating....

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    03-07-16 05:13 PM
  6. mincanada's Avatar
    Same issue here...at times can't even barely use the hub....its an issue with the android runtime...i fixed it once and had auto updates off but now it's back...worse than ever...thinking of giving up on this phone

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    03-08-16 08:02 AM
  7. Calvin8181's Avatar
    It's time for a reformat.

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    03-08-16 08:09 AM
  8. ZeBB45's Avatar
    I don't have a Passport SE yet, however, I believe your issue may be related to android apps. I use android permission apps to edit the permissions of my apk files so that I can remove the 'run at startup' so my android apps aren't constantly running in the background.

    A good thing to do also is when you've finished using an android app, flick the app into an active frame, once in the active frame you long-press the X in the bottom corner to force close the app.

    Keep looking in device manager for android apps running in the background.

    Look in device monitor under the storage tab, I've noticed my BB10 device runs slow once my device has 2GB or less, device storage space available.

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    03-08-16 12:32 PM
  9. mincanada's Avatar
    So i checked my running apps, and noticed blend was running, even though I wasn't using it...so i killed the app and haven't had a single issue since...hoping that I what it was, also hope someone else can verify if that works f them
    03-08-16 07:43 PM

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