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    Hello all,

    after trying out a Passport SE, I decided to return it as the performance with the Android-Apps I use is not satisfying enough. In order to return it, I went for security wipe, which starts working properly, but wenn until around 40-50 percent, then the screen turns black but you can see that it is still turned on. But nothing happens, no progress bar what so ever. When I reboot the device, the security wipe starts from the beginning. Is there a solution? Should I just wait longer? Newest OS was installed.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Try using SICwipe (search the forums) prior to reinstalling with autoloader.

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    08-09-17 07:33 AM
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    I used SIC Multiwipe and another autoloader for two times. I eventually got it solved, but just want to ask, if all the previous data is deleted through SIC, eventhough the phone did not boot at that time or finished the previously tried security wipe?

    IIRC I had BlackBerry Protect deactivated before going for the security wipe. However, the device still appeared online for my BlackBerry ID. I deleted it now. Could Protect had influenced the wipe?
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    All of the data on the user-accessible flash memory is overwritten multiple times by SIC, so you shouldn't have to worry about residual data.

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    08-09-17 04:45 PM

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