12-29-16 10:49 AM
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  1. paul Davies6's Avatar
    Have an SE on the way and can't wait! Have been using a Classic for 18months and before that Q10 and 9900. Love my Classic, I'm surrounded by samsungs and Iphones and have never once been tempted to change. The PP intrigues me though, I'm just worried it may be a bit big for everyday use. The SE version looks gorgeous though and there's one on its way so we will soon find out!

    Posted via CB10
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    12-15-16 02:29 PM
  2. glwerry's Avatar
    I have a brother-in-law who works for a bank and was supplied with a PP.
    He manages sales people over a LARGE geographic area and travels extensively, as well as working all kinds of crazy hours. He LOVES his PP - finds it amazing for spreadsheets, etc.
    12-15-16 02:34 PM
  3. hplovecraft's Avatar
    just got mine (writing on it right now), long term classic user myself.

    I still have to get to know it a bit..also get my muscle memory to learn the new keyboard layout.
    12-15-16 02:47 PM
  4. YesAndNo's Avatar
    The best phone there is. The PP SE is awesome.

    Posted via CB10
    12-15-16 09:38 PM
  5. audifox2016's Avatar
    It's definitely a work horse no doubt about. The app thing is another issue but for work you can't beat it.

    Posted via CB10
    12-15-16 10:33 PM
  6. aullak's Avatar
    Congratulations!! It's definitely a Productive work horse, No doubt.

    Blackberry Passport SE
    12-15-16 11:25 PM
  7. crunch27's Avatar
    You will love it.

    Posted via CB10
    12-16-16 08:15 AM
  8. paul Davies6's Avatar
    Hope so, is it a lot quicker than the Classic?

    Posted via CB10
    12-16-16 09:11 AM
  9. Zeratul57's Avatar
    Yes.yes it is.

    Sent from one of my SE Passports using BB10 superior software.
    12-16-16 11:24 AM
  10. hplovecraft's Avatar
    it is quicker. Still amazed how fast I can now open google maps...was nearly unusable on my Classic. Size is something I have to get used to.

    CB10 on my Passport SE
    12-16-16 12:38 PM
  11. blacktothebone's Avatar
    You have the Google maps application?

    Posted via CB10
    12-16-16 02:16 PM
  12. KNEBB's Avatar
    Similar to you, I upgraded to the Passport not long ago. And the experience has been as great as expected with the SE. Each time you grow to appreciate something new, you discover another new applicable functionality that can be done with the Passport. But I came from the Z10, so for you it will be just more of a good thing.

    A BlackBerry Fan!!!
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    12-16-16 03:08 PM
  13. PKBs4ever's Avatar
    PP SE on its way to me too. Good price on Amazon so went for it. Stilgut case here already.

    3 Passport Silvers,
    2 Classic Cobalts,
    And an original Passport
    All belong to me.

    Posted via CB10
    12-16-16 05:16 PM
  14. paul Davies6's Avatar
    Think it has arrived this morning, can't wait to get home now.

    Posted via CB10
    12-17-16 07:29 AM
  15. Griffin2012's Avatar
    Happy unboxing!!
    12-17-16 09:18 AM
  16. paul Davies6's Avatar
    Damn, false alarm it's my daughter new iPhone 7......spit

    Posted via CB10
    12-17-16 10:29 AM
  17. hplovecraft's Avatar
    Damn, false alarm it's my daughter new iPhone 7......spit

    Posted via CB10
    Well, more joy of waiting for you ;-)

    CB10 on my Passport SE
    12-17-16 10:57 AM
  18. hplovecraft's Avatar
    You have the Google maps application?

    Posted via CB10
    Yes. I did all this cobalt things...

    CB10 on my Passport SE
    12-17-16 10:57 AM
  19. stefanbechen's Avatar
    Passport SE on its way-img_0043.jpg

    Will rock the PP SE as long as possible

    Posted via CB rocking a Passport SE
    12-17-16 03:21 PM
  20. bullnuke7532's Avatar
    Absolutely love my Passport! I'm sure you will too! Enjoy!

    Posted with my beautiful Passport SE
    12-17-16 03:37 PM
  21. mmednick1's Avatar
    How much did everyone pay for the pp
    12-17-16 04:43 PM
  22. JPushkarH's Avatar
    I got Original Passport for 179$ in thanks giving sale on www.newegg.com
    12-17-16 10:05 PM
  23. GeorgeF_Greece's Avatar
    304 British pounds (VAT excl.) from clove.co.uk, delivered in Greece.
    12-18-16 11:11 AM
  24. YesAndNo's Avatar
    My precious ones:

    Passport SE on its way-img_20161107_200253_hdr.jpg

    Posted via CB10
    12-18-16 12:15 PM
  25. hplovecraft's Avatar
    260 second hand, condition as new

    CB10 on my Passport SE
    12-18-16 06:01 PM
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