10-29-14 06:59 AM
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    If you been wanting a roku stick they just added miracast to it. And it works great! Especially with BlackBerry express

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    10-28-14 06:48 PM
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "curious if you can get video full screen if streaming from a PC or from a USB stick."

    The "Play On" feature uses DLNA to transmit video and or audio wireless lyrics from your phone to your DLNA compatible device such as a tv or a media player. DLNA requires that the item being played is a file that is located on your phone. That's why it works when you click on an item in your Video app... cuz that app only lists files that are stored locally on your device.

    The Video app and the DLNA feature do not work with a source that is streaming from an online connection of any kind...

    ... and that is what is so special about Miracast: it allows you to wireless play anything that's on your phones screen onto your Miracast enabled device.

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    Yes but with the passport, even using miracast, you don't get a full size picture on your tv if you don't have the Play On option. This is why I would like the option in File Manager.

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    10-29-14 06:44 AM
  3. lawguyman's Avatar
    I think two screen mirroring issues need to be addressed

    BlackBerry does not support some popular audio codecs. You can get a third party app to play videos that use them but you have no Play On ability. That means that many videos will be confined to a square.

    The other is Docs Open. Docs Open needs to have a 16x9 output. Working in a square isn't very satisfying.
    Miracast really does work great on Passport though.

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    10-29-14 06:59 AM
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