1. BB520's Avatar
    Here's what's been happening for the past week...

    at about 5:45 am (mountain time), my Passport...whether powered on, or not...goes into a continuous "half" restart loop until the battery is completely dead. Once that happens (battery dead), I can plug the power cord in and after a minute or two of charge, it goes through a complete restart loop and works perfectly until the next morning at 5:45-ish. Now, I will say that over the weekend it didn't do the loop at 5:45 am, but this morning like clockwork, it started the loop again.

    There are no error messages, I'm running the latest BB10 (or at least the latest AT&T has), of course is an AT&T version Passport, and is the first problem I've experienced with the phone in the over one year of ownership. (I didn't buy from AT&T, but an individual) I have cleaned my phone thoroughly since this issue started (no pics/videos/email links/apps/unused apps/etc...) so it is basically a talk and text phone.

    Before I do a wipe and OS reload, is there anyone out there that has experienced this? Any tips/suggestions?
    09-19-16 09:28 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Before I do a wipe and OS reload, is there anyone out there that has experienced this? Any tips/suggestions?
    Nope, but a reload of the OS should help rule out a hardware problem. If it's fixed after, then you know it was just an OS bug or app bug.
    09-19-16 06:24 PM
  3. BB520's Avatar
    do I need to do a wipe first (does it matter), or just go right into an OS reload?

    Btw, I actually watched it this AM...was fine until about 5:35am, then it did the normal 3...2...1...restart, but gets stuck in the loop. I tried to catch it in the 3,2,1 countdown, but it was too late. I'll try to catch it tomorrow morning to see if I can stop it, and look for errors/something. I love the battery on this thing, but right now it is frustrating because I have to wait until the phone is completely dead before I can get it going again....it was at 18% at 5:35 this AM, and now...11am its still got some life left, and that's after its repetitive half-loop cycle for 3+ hours. This thing is a beast!

    Love the phone, and want to keep it around for as long as I can. I'm not sure what I'll do/buy if its not functional anymore.....a sad time.
    09-20-16 12:58 PM
  4. BB520's Avatar
    update! last wednesday night, I wiped and reloaded my passport, and the next morning the reboot loop was still there at 5:35am (again, didn't catch it in the 3,2,1 countdown). I wiped and reloaded it again Thursday night, and Friday morning it was like Wolverine and went into the reboot loop...and healed itself, (somehow) about three times before I got to work (6:30am), and has run perfectly since then.

    Note: the second time I wiped/reloaded, i received a message that the software update was completed. I now have (don't know the exact version I had before), and have noticed a few small differences, so I'm guessing that the updated version fixed whatever was wrong.

    I'm stoked that my Passport survived because I've been doing some window shopping for another phone and I'm not overly impressed with anything so far. Once my Passport goes, I'm done with Blackberry (sad) and I've kinda narrowed it down to a 7plus, or LGv10 (or maybe v20).

    I hope my Passport lasts as long as BB10 is productive!!
    09-26-16 11:33 AM

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