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    I know that you need a snapdragon 800 or higher to support the rapid charging. Since my sister has one of those chargers, I decided to try it with my passport. It didnt work. the led suppose to change to green from blue. Blue light means it is charging at regular speed while green is when quick charge is actually working. She has a sony xperia z3 and it works for her phone. I didnt get why it didnt work for me since the PP has a 801 snapdragon. After some research, it turns out the developer has to enable this feature. Would BlackBerry enable this feature or it isnt important for them?

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    03-12-15 02:14 AM
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    There is a good explanation here


    It's not just the processor that needs to be present.

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    03-12-15 02:53 AM
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    Can you elaborate? The video and the text from that link seemed to indicate that the 801 series ( what the passport uses) is supported. And the charge 2.0 is at at the processor level.

    I'm on the fence about getting a 2.0 charger (I want one if it can support it). It dwarfs the q1 wireless charger that does 1.5 amps not the like 3 that is stated....

    Does anyone know?
    05-22-15 12:48 AM

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