1. Paullybob's Avatar
    So I looked around here for a solution and everybody seems to be of the mindset that upside down pictures are a funny thing. No real solutions.....I guess no one really asked the proper question??

    The Passport is taking and sending inverted pictures (a horizontal 180 degree flip) and no soft or hard reset seems to do anything. Short of reloading the software has there been any other solution to this issue??? Is it isolated (Like just this particular Passport) or are there others with this issue??

    The phone belongs to a friend of mine and he is a business person and absolutely LOVES his Passport (can you blame him??). I can walk him through most of the fixes but he'd have to send me his Passport to do a backup-wipe-reinstall which is not convenient.
    02-04-18 09:04 AM
  2. mikael11's Avatar
    Do you mean it has always behaved like that or is this something that has happened after a previous normal functionality?
    02-04-18 09:19 AM
  3. Paullybob's Avatar
    Oddly enough, my friend just BBM'd me after I submitted this post. This morning, everything is "right side up" in his world.....very strange. It seems to have a mind of its own...maybe gyro (not the food. lol!!) issues????
    02-04-18 10:07 AM

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