11-09-15 08:11 AM
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  1. Just Me's Avatar
    Passport is the best phone yet.

    -one button speed dial
    -voice dialing
    -there is something brilliant about the dual microphone for call quality
    -the slide to answer/ignore is great
    -quick text/bbm reply when you are busy is brilliantly simple
    -great call switching

    -no Qwerty dialing
    -it doesn't feel good in the hand against my ear. Might be a little too heavy.

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    03-08-15 11:01 PM
  2. 530XI's Avatar
    I find it to be nice and clear. Better than my Note 3.
    03-08-15 11:05 PM
  3. GeoK's Avatar
    The hardest part of phone calls for me, is 'the draw'. Pulling it out for the phone call.

    Call quality is excellent, I am on AT&T, and quite happy with that. The phone has been used mainly in bluetooth in car or speaker. That why I can still be doing something while talking. (Like taking notes, typing, or cooking).
    Never an issue with sound quality or speaker in that bluetooth mode.
    Managing calls are simple and easy. Call forward, call waiting all function well.

    I guess, I am still used to have the phone continue to ring as I pull it from a case or pocket. But as many of you know, as soon as you touch the screen it silences the ringer. Yes, the form factor sometimes doesn't make it easy to reach for pull out. But it does come out and it does work, great!
    03-09-15 07:52 AM
  4. Wbrian's Avatar
    Oh I have stories for you

    So this morning I had to call a friend whose number I know by heart so I picked up the phone and started dialing. First step was to get to the dialer which I got to pretty fast, the next step were the tricky one. Which was to actually press the buttons on the screen. So I started and I got the 8 real quick, 1 was quite away from my thumb but the good part was I was coming right back to the 8 once again. Then it was all fives so I tapped and tapped and tapped on 5 as if my thumb was doing a tap dance routine. Now the last four gave me all sorts of troubles it was 1379 as you will notice on the dialer they are all in four different corners. It took a me awhile to get around the big Passport screen but I managed. At this point the final and the most important part was to actually hit call which was nice, big and green. You wouldn't miss it believe me. As soon as I hit call I picked up the phone and placed it to my ear and it went directly to voice mail and I left him a message asking him to call back.

    He hasn't called yet. Will update when he does.

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    Well? Has he called back yet?

    I'm a big dude living in a big world. I need a big phone! Posted via my amazingly correctly sized Passport!
    03-09-15 10:15 AM
  5. Atentozedten's Avatar
    Not gonna leave you hanging...He hasn't called back yet..I think he ded by now.
    Well? Has he called back yet?

    I'm a big dude living in a big world. I need a big phone! Posted via my amazingly correctly sized Passport!
    11-09-15 12:52 AM
  6. conbrio29's Avatar
    Old thread, but wanted to add my two cents.

    Call quality on the Passport is landline like, that's how good it is. On a true landline phone, you get feedback of your own voice through the earpiece speaker. The Passport does this too! On any other mobile phone I've used, I never got that feedback. It's amazing though how much of a difference it makes to get that feedback. And it is because of this feature that I would say that the Passport is a very high quality mobile phone. As well, it has a very loud speakerphone and the audio pickup on its microphones is very good too.

    Excellent call quality!

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    11-09-15 08:11 AM
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