10-12-14 09:40 AM
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  1. Aneres11's Avatar
    Hello all!

    Picked up my Passport earlier today here in the UK.
    Have been playing with it on and off all night and it is without doubt, the most unique phone I have ever handled.

    Here are some early impressions and pics from me...

    First of all, I'm gonna start with a negative. The size. I'm a guy, but I have small hands for a guy. This thing is BIG. Part of me wishes it was smaller, but then that would mean that the delicious screen wouldn't be the beast that it is! So there's the trade off I guess.
    Handling with one hand is not possible for me, however I can reach the top right section of the screen (when holding the Passport with my right hand) with my thumb, and also the very bottom left. Top left - nope.
    Pictures below:

    As you can see, my thumb is at full stretch and cannot reach the top left of the screen, however I don't think many will be able to do that.

    Continuing with the things I'm not struck on, the keypad... I love physical keypads. The Q10 was just an unbelievable typing experience with lovely keys that made me type with accuracy and speed. The space bar on the Passport is almost a touch too small. I'm constantly pressing 'V' instead of the space bar and I also have a tendancy to press 'N' instead of 'M'. This however, is just something I need to adjust to and I am already getting really speedy compared to my first typing experience on this thing!

    The gestures to use the suggested words is also a learning curve. It's definitely more of a flick then a swipe, but the flick stops you from then touching the onscreen virtual layer of keys with all of the punctuation symbols. If you do swipe, you end up adding an exclamation mark by mistake! I'm finding myself getting this down quite quickly!

    Also, that swipe from right to left to delete - absolutely brilliant. Works flawlessly well. And I can't stress enough how good tapping the keypad twice to bring up the bubble cursor and then caressing the keys to amend any mistakes is. I almost like making mistakes so I can do it!

    I've downloaded a couple of apps. Most of them work really well. Spotify from the App Store for instance is brilliant. Probably better than it is on my iPhone! Very impressive!

    However, it would appear that some native apps from the App World are not so good...
    iGrann for instance, IMO is not good. We have some app gap on the log in screen...

    I also find that the app is slightly stretched, which I'm not a huge fan of.

    On the topic of apps, one app I loved having open and active on my Q10 was BX Battery Info. I like the visual battery so it was one of the first apps I downloaded. Really disappointed to see app gap on the open app screen though...

    Looks like it's not Passport ready...

    The camera - wow wow wow. Brilliant. Even in lower light conditions this thing takes an impressive photo. And that screen. This is the best thing about the phone for me so far, along with the potential of the keyboard once I'm used to it. The camera coupled with the screen gives you some awesome results. Took a pic of my sleeping pup (wouldn't think he's a puppy, the size of him!) and you can just tell from this picture of a picture on the screen how good it is!

    Videos on YouTube also lovely. The aspect ratio means you get the black lines but it's still very good quality and the screen is big enough / wide enough that viewing is pleasant.

    Watched some tennis highlights on it earlier and it suffered slightly because of the rectangle box, but I wasn't overly fussed tbh.

    I have only had a very small amount of time with this phone so far so I haven't formed too much of an opinion just yet. Although there is probably more negative here than there is positive, I think it's because this is so new and unique and different that I still don't really know how I feel about it.
    I desperately want to love it, but so far I am not in love with it like I was with my Q10. I almost find the size makes it difficult to use at times, even with 2 hands, and this does worry me going forward with it.

    I hope people appreciate these first thoughts. I'd like the phone to grow on me (not physically, blimey - it's big enough!) and I start to use it to its full potential. Right now there's a few things letting it down like the apps, but this could probably be the fact that I'm a very early adopter and a couple of updates here or there could make all the difference!

    And no one can deny, it is definitely a sexy phone...

    Be good to hear what all you other early adopters think!
    09-24-14 04:45 PM
  2. cottonakin's Avatar
    So, what version of 10.3 is shipping with this?
    09-24-14 05:01 PM
  3. The Big Picture's Avatar
    Great review! Thank you OP.

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    09-24-14 05:08 PM
  4. Stuart Clapperton's Avatar
    Nice review, cant wait to get mine. Camera photos looks good! any chance of some more photos running spotify?
    09-24-14 05:12 PM
  5. Aneres11's Avatar
    Nice review, cant wait to get mine. Camera photos looks good! any chance of some more photos running spotify?

    One thing I'm noticing now when I pick my iPhone 5c up is how plastic and toy like it feels. I was always a big fan of the 5c too as I felt it was a great phone to hold but now I feel it's like a Fisher Price toy! Not hating on it, I loved using it, but the Passport feels PREMIUM.
    Also getting really speedy with texting now. Having to type differently than on my Q10. I've learned that I used my left thumb a lot more on my Q to reach letters on the right of the keyboard, but with the passport my right thumb is having to get more involved! It's working out better now I've had that revelation though!
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    09-24-14 05:21 PM
  6. Joao Oliveira's Avatar
    Can you tell us more specificly how "clicky" the keyboard is? Do you confirm that it's a bit stiffer than the Q10? How does it compare? Thanks
    09-24-14 05:28 PM
  7. Aneres11's Avatar
    Can you tell us more specificly how "clicky" the keyboard is? Do you confirm that it's a bit stiffer than the Q10? How does it compare? Thanks
    I think it is on par with the Q10 that I had in terms of 'clickiness'. The Q10 had a soft click which is present here too. I like the feedback from the keys a lot. Did feel slightly stiff at first, but after a couple of hours of normal use that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
    09-24-14 05:41 PM
  8. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    Thanks for your first impressions. I'd love some Q's answered that I haven't seen discussed much yet...

    So size is your main complaint. Did you mainly use only one hand with your Iphone5c and Q10? I just find the in hand size complaint hard to understand is all. Also, in pocket, you have no complaint?

    Can you adjust the size of font/screen i.e. I love how my Curve can show 12 emails and 10 calendar agendas on one screen full. Ergo, more on the screen at once is better to me IMO.

    Would you mind showing some of the calendar features and screens, if you get a chance.

    Also, can you solely use the keyboard 'trackpad' in all apps and screens or are you forced to touch the screen to select or navigate?

    Thanks for any of your time.
    09-24-14 05:59 PM
  9. LiteBulb's Avatar
    The rubbery back is a dust magnet!
    10-11-14 07:03 AM
  10. sportline's Avatar
    This is not as boring as typical slabbrickphone. I think it will sell to corporate types and typical working man.

    Posted via CB10
    10-11-14 07:07 AM
  11. nbaliga's Avatar
    Had the Passport for 4 days now:

    Keys felt stiff at first but the WILL soften up and you have to trust that the typing will get really smooth and enjoyable

    Size took a couple of days to get used to, mostly the adjustment is to using two hands. If you just hold the device with two hands when browsing etc, then it's really comfortable.

    Still navigating to find apps that are natural to the device. Some of my heavily used apps do not work on the Passport, so I'm still figuring it out. Android apps are better in some cases, spotify is great like OP mentioned.

    Overall a very PREMIUM device and I am loving it. I've never been ashamed to pull my BlackBerry out at the table, but now I'm really proud to take it out and set it on the table at a meeting.

    Someone said it best on these forums: this is a BOSS phone!

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    10-11-14 11:43 AM
  12. mike-berry's Avatar
    Good review, for me size is perfect because I can reach from one end to another because of my long fingers. I don't know why BlackBerry didn't make this phone earlier!

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    10-11-14 11:47 AM
  13. doxa sub750T's Avatar
    Great job with the review.


    Posted via CB10
    10-11-14 12:10 PM
  14. mrkab's Avatar
    You actually can use it with one hand quite a bit until you need to type or hit something in the top right corner. I browse and read with one hand most of the time for example. The biggest problem I have is finding ways to comfortably hold it. The device is very top heavy and the keys are right on the edge, too wide for one hand and too narrow for a comfortable two hands.

    Applications definitely are a problem but some of that will get fixed soon enough. The app situation has always been blown out of proportion as most people don't visit the store often or use very many. There's a few I'm missing like Netflix which would be nice.

    Text editing is brilliant and typing with the keyboard is very fast. The flick based word predictions are kind of pointless since I can type faster without them. Blend is of course fantastic and underrated. Getting access to your work mail, SMS, calendar, etc from anywhere in one place is huge and nobody is talking about it.

    Most importantly the direction BlackBerry is going with technology in general. They're laying software and infrastructure groundwork for the future that noone else is. Imagine a year or two from now having a tablet sized screen that can play Netflix from the phone in your pocket. Imagine every device you have unifying around your phone with seamless data access.

    Now imagine it's secure, because Apple and Google haven't showed signs of any of that.

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    10-11-14 12:23 PM
  15. corstr's Avatar
    Keyboard takes around 10 days to loose its initially stiff feeling.

    Posted via CB10
    10-11-14 12:43 PM
  16. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Keyboard takes around 10 days to loose its initially stiff feeling.

    Posted via CB10
    Definitely,... either that or that's how long hit takes to get the thumb muscles up to shape!

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    10-11-14 12:46 PM
  17. sportline's Avatar
    We definitely need big number keyboard to unlock. Same thing happens on z10 and z30 I remember..but please! Big keyboard for unlocking!!!

    Posted via CB10
    10-11-14 05:29 PM
  18. securityboy's Avatar
    Excellent build. Keyboard swipe up is cool and the swipe down on keyboard for virtual keyboard is intuitive and original. Taken some time to get used to the physical keyboard and small spacebar. After two weeks practice the keyboard is starting to work for me. It's a hardcode business machine only for me with the added benefit of Blend, which is very useful. Apple will observe this 1:1 ratio and if the market reacts it will build one in time. Enough said.

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    10-12-14 02:22 AM
  19. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    Passport thoughts, you say?

    Hmmm makes my iPhone 5 look... well.. dated and old.

    Passport owners: Your early thoughts...-img_20141008_182134.png

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    10-12-14 02:28 AM
  20. zocster's Avatar
    Wow I missed this review

    Sent from my Q10 using Tapatalk
    10-12-14 02:32 AM
  21. nick57's Avatar
    Ok, serious Q. I have a Q10, and I am due an upgrade but will need to buy the handset. I was going to go with the Z30. I have no preference for pkb or virtual. On a BlackBerry they are both great. Cost is not an issue! I do fb, crackberry and news apps. Maps and I receive emails mostly to review.the odd game but more the exception. Bbm and photos. Would like to use maps in the car. Is it worth me getting the passport? Can my minimal use do justice to this amazing phone or should I go for the Z30 which will have 10.3 by the time I am ready. I have read the reviews, watched the videos etc! But I am worried that to spend �500 on a handset that I won't do justice. Like I said it's not about �275, against �500 it's whether it's suits my circumstances. Any thoughts please.

    Posted using White Q10
    10-12-14 06:14 AM
  22. rosewing's Avatar
    Had mine since Oct 3. Battery life is one big plus, I charge it at night in bedside mode thats it, no need for top ups during the day and according to the Instant app I'm a heavy user .Bluetooth is connected constantly, but WiFi as and when I need it. I use a hard shell case and a holster when out and about but 'flip' it when in the car or house to save on power
    The screen is fantastic & I like the concept of Blackberry Blend much easier than Link for moving files about.
    Downside is lack of some apps I had on my Z10 but no doubt they will materialise eventually. All in all a great phone.
    10-12-14 06:52 AM
  23. rosewing's Avatar
    I use Mireo Dont Panic as a sat nav in the car on My Passport, had on the Z10 & it's much clearer on the Passport.E-mails & messages are easier to read too.
    If cost is not an issue get the Passport
    10-12-14 06:56 AM
  24. BroncoVAL's Avatar
    The screen is fantastic, the keyboard will definitely be at least as good as the Q10's. (even with the tiny space-bar, the reason of all my mistakes...always hit the v)
    I miss some shortcuts like t for top and b for bottom of the page (for example in twitter).
    What strikes me the most is the potential of this device, I can't help feeling like the Passport is at 40% of what it could be.
    Trackpad function should be soon more implemented in every app and then the Passport will really be unique (for now it's always a surprise when it comes to check if the trackpad works with the new app you just downloaded,but even in that situation the passport is still very addictive ! )

    Posted via CB10
    10-12-14 07:08 AM
  25. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    Brilliant Phone!

    Posted via CB10
    10-12-14 09:11 AM
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