06-01-15 02:26 AM
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  1. farmer nic's Avatar
    Before you go...
    Some quick Q's and tips....
    Q1 was the store a franchise store or an official Optus store? Only use official Optus stores. My franchise experience has been unequivocally bad. Ask if the store is owned by Optus, if not ring and ask for the nearest one.
    Q2 have you tried tech support? My experience has always been excellent. Note, i never behave rudely or aggressively, it just never works. I clearly state the problem, provide the background and request the preferred solution or how to get it. Generally the tech guys are ex military and are frankly brilliant to deal with, just be specific and clear with them.
    Q3 are you aware of the telecommunications ombudsman in Australia? Go there before the ACCC. Also if the fault is not rectified after three submissions then I believe it triggers a mandatory replacement (from memory). Do some homework on this one, but I have had colleagues that have had that outcome.
    Q4 have you previously spoke to optus on phone about lifting issue. Notes are kept and you can request them to assist your argument.
    Q5 Have you got a copy of the warranty? Note there are additional obligations imposed on sellers that override a sellers own terms in Australia - fit for purpose or something about merchantable quality...

    My community optus forums has an active blackberry mob, small but active. Log issue there too. That will trigger a optus moderators response.

    That's my two bobs worth.
    Hope you can see your way to havin' a go one more time to sort it.
    05-16-15 10:15 PM
  2. Mazinger's Avatar
    +1 on the telco Ombudsman route....

    I opened a case some years ago against telstra and the process was really simple. You just need to have a well written story indicating how you have been wronged and what kind of resolution you are looking for. Shortly after, you'll get a case number to follow up on. (best to call for process nowadays) The telco ombudsman here in Australia is very pro consumer and when a case is opened against a carrier, they will put pressure on your carrier by means of a daily penalty in $$ for every single day your case remains unresolved. When my case was raised, it only took 3 days before i got my resolution. I suggest that in your situation, just demand for a brand new replacement passport instead of opting for repair as that will allow Optus to have an easier time ending your case. Believe me, you'll find the tables turned for once and you'll be surprised to see Optus chasing you for the fastest resolution possible. They'll bleed money otherwise. From what I remember the penalty payable to the Ombudsman was well over $100 per day that your case remains open, and that was like circa 2010...it could be more nowadays which is even better for you

    Good luck and I hope you get it sorted soon!

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-15 06:45 AM
  3. blueburk's Avatar
    Dont know where u live doesent the carrier offer insurance ? Actual phone replacement due to whatever, yes it costs exra but i can actually run over my pasport 2 times in 2 years pay 50 bucks shipping and get a brand new phone
    05-18-15 07:40 AM
  4. rc69's Avatar
    I ordered a new Passport last Wednesday with Optus on a $65 pm plan. They said it would be delivered today. It did not turn up - I called and they have now said they do not carry the passport anymore as it is out of stock. Terrible service - why did they take my order at all!

    Posted via CB10
    06-01-15 02:26 AM
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