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    Saint Nicholas was busy this year as he brought us the one and only BlackBerry Passport to Slovenia!

    The only standing offer at the moment is with our carrier Telekom Slovenija. Pricing is standard EU for such device as the lowest price without a contract is 687 and that is off the online store. If you, however, decide to purchase it in person you have to be prepared to take out another 50.
    On contract you do get some discount and possibility of monthly payment (the lowest price sitting at 350).
    However do not expect any first hand experience when comming into the store. I could not locate not even a single BlackBerry device displayed amongst all the others - including Vitaphone 1100.

    Click here to take a look a the offer.

    I calculated how much it would cost to get it off Amazon. Well you would save up around 80. So it does raise up a question, why such high standards.

    Having said that I would still sign another two year contract and immediately go for it, but being a student that is out of my reach. Hopefully I will get my hands on it the next time I go to their store and bug at the cash desk to allow me a test ride.

    Please share your experience with prices and availability in your country.
    12-08-14 04:04 PM

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