1. pgood4's Avatar
    Having a strange issue. I have all of my contacts in an exchange account. My passport will not recognize (123) 456-7890 as the same number as +1 (123) 456-7890. Incoming calls may come in with either format, but they are the same number. I've never seen another phone not be able to determine that they are the same number. Is there a configuration for this somewhere? Any suggestions on how to get it working correctly?

    Edit: Forgot to mention that I'm running the latest released SW version,
    08-28-15 01:13 PM
  2. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    Stop using brackets, i just put them in like this, 123-456-3456 and i never have a problem
    08-28-15 07:59 PM
  3. pgood4's Avatar
    It was not brackets. I've never had this issue before, but hard resetting the phone and doing the initial setup with the sim in the phone seems to have corrected it.
    08-29-15 06:25 AM

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