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    I have a Passport SE completely updated, etc etc.

    Awhile ago, I started to have this problem where it would randomly either not detect my SIM card, or tell me the device was networked locked so cannot use the SIM, which I know it's not, as when you go to SIM settings, it tells you the devices is unlocked and ready to use. To fix this, I could either restart the phone, or take and then reinsert the SIM card.

    After a couple of weeks with this problem, it went away. For about a month. Now it's resurfaced with a bang - same problem as before, but I can't get rid of it. Restarting my phone causes one of the two problems described above to show up. I cannot get the phone and the SIM card to be friends...

    Has anyone faced this before? Any ideas?

    02-29-16 04:40 AM

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