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    I've wanted a Passport since launch. Even at one time had a coupon to use on top of a sale to get a very nice discount. However, quality has kept me from buying one to this day still. I'm not confident the device will be trouble free for a minimum of 2 years like the Z30. I've been waiting on a new batch but haven't seen enough evidence that initial issues have been corrected be it design or manufacturing.

    FWIW, The Z30 went through a revision change shortly after its launch as I received a slightly revised STA-5 model from Rogers as a replacement to my original STA-5 as the back door wouldn't stay fully snapped shut. This occurred in December 2013.
    Honestly I'd put my faith in the ATT or Tmobile version of the passport. I experienced alot of issues with the original.

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    05-17-15 09:31 AM
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    Honestly I'd put my faith in the ATT or Tmobile version of the passport. I experienced alot of issues with the original.

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    Well considering I'm Canadian, my options are limited. That and I can't stand carrier branding like on the AT&T variant.

    Also, T-Mobile does not have an exclusive Passport model. Only AT&T.

    My Z30 is still ticking. I'm in no rush.
    05-17-15 09:45 AM
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    That's why I have a backup phone. Up until recently it was a Nokia Lumia 635. 4.5" screen, LTE, expandable memory, great keyboard (for being a virtual keyboard) plus all the normal smartphone features, for $60 on the microsoft store. I could live with it for a week or two if my daily driver ever needed repair. I recently gave it to someone who needed a phone.. Probably will pick up the 640 next. Looking forward to playing with windows 10 for it, when it comes out.
    05-18-15 12:35 AM
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    Then, you'll get a crapple ifoan six grand, bend it, have it repaired, only to bend it again as well as Crack the glass because those are both default ifoan features!

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    Do tell...I ask because I have two of the iPhone 6 Plus in my house since September (btw you may need to take a look at your device, your keyboard seems to badly butcher words...) and I have yet to encounter any of these things you describe.

    At least, I think you're talking about the iPhone 6 Plus, it's hard to tell with that malfunctioning keyboard issue you seem to have.

    To the OP - I've had a similar bad experience with BB 'customer care'...good luck with whatever you decide.

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    05-18-15 01:05 AM
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    My brother's Q10 was double typing. He bought it through Rogers. Took it into the Rogers Store. They spent a good 30-45 minutes examining the phone. Saw the problem. Took his old phone, his old box...brought out a new box. Opened it to check it and we were out within the hour, no harm or fuss.

    Online dealers may have good deals, but their after sales service is shady as hell. I think the best thing to do is buy from the carrier whenever possible. If you buy from an online dealer, you should strongly research their policies before dropping any money.

    I traded my iPhone 6+ to a guy and I received his Passport in exchange. I fully expect that if this device should go haywire, I will have to do the fixing myself. As I am a technician, and have many overseas contacts for parts, I am not concerned if that event should occur.

    I am stunned however at the amount of people reporting this screen problem. Are people stuffing these devices into tight jeans pockets or something and forgetting that they have them in their pockets when they sit down? The Passport's unusual shape would take up more overall pocket space than say a Classic and it would then therefore be subject to more force and flexing as you walk or bend down. Constant pressure like that may not physically bend the phone to the point of breaking, but it would definitely work any glue or adhesive loose. Users with separating screens seriously need to examine themselves to see if they are doing this or not.

    I receive an average of 50-75 dispatch emails daily with 100-200MB PDFs full of schematics to review, high-resolution photos to review or batches of invoices to approve, BBM with heavy attachment traffic, phone calls, and memos...and my phone never exceeds room temperature. So why then are phones getting so hot that they can melt industrial-level adhesives?

    Adhesives commonly used in the mobile phone industry like 3M's 200P or 300LSE can hold strong for hours at temperatures between 70-90 Celsius. In order to weaken these types of adhesives, your phone would have to be hot enough to almost boil water. Anyone handling a Passport putting out that kind of heat would sustain serious injury, yet to my knowledge, no one has reported burning or exploding Passports.

    I would like to see someone on this forum with this screen-lifting issue post some high-res detailed images of the lifted screen with the underside included cause I am actually curious about this now. The photos of this problem posted on Google are very blurry, clearly low-res photos that has offer no detail.

    I am surprised that apparently krazy glue is being used as a fix, because krazy glue is notorious for losing adhesion and even going brittle in high heat environments such as these mysteriously hot Passports.

    OP, if you are going to fix it yourself, I would try to get a hold of 3M adhesive tape with either 200 or 300-type adhesive. They are very strong and will last longer than krazy glue.

    -- Passport, VMO, Toronto CA
    05-18-15 03:01 AM
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    So why then are phones getting so hot that they can melt industrial-level adhesives?
    2 part answer:

    1. Why are phones getting that hot?
    2. Perhaps the manufacturer is not using that grade of adhesive?
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    05-18-15 11:52 AM
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    This guy.....
    07-12-15 04:22 AM
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    OP is right.
    Chen is busy grabbing business. Hardware side BlackBerry will be declining.

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    07-12-15 04:47 AM
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    I am baffled as well!? Wehave a sales fleet of about 50sales staff and nobody has yet to report a screen lift issue or a boiling hot issues!!!

     Passport SQW100-1 / leak Rogers Wireless Posted via CB
    07-12-15 07:22 AM
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    Haha, easy fix. I've mentioned in other threads that you can use crazy glue (cost about $2) to secure the screen. It does not effect the phone cosmetically and you won't even know there's glue there. BlackBerry uses a type of adhesive glue underneath the screen but it's not strong enough that's all.

    Anyhow I had my screen glued for months now and it never lifted again. If you need help on instructions please let me know or private me.
    Hi! I'd like you to walk me through this process if you have time. BBM pin:2BF2783F

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    07-20-15 07:56 PM
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