04-24-15 07:17 PM
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    No problems here. Got a new factory sealed phone in 2 days. Guess I was lucky!

     RED Passport SQW100-1/ on Telus
    I must be lucky as well... have ordered over 10+ times since BB10 was launched and always 2 day. Just ordered a Z30 and waited until Monday night to order so I would get it on Thursday my day off. Predictable and great customer service from them. Refunded my credit card $150 for a Passport coupon code as well. Not to mention all shopblackberry devices come with a 30 day return window and 1 year warranty with the option of additional BlackBerry insurance if wanted.

    Advice = pay the $5 for expedited shipping. It is FedEx two-day. Those that don't pay go to the back of the line it seems lol. Wouldn't hesitate to order again from them!

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    04-24-15 07:17 PM
26 12

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