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    I got my mom on board BlackBerry with just one feature: keyboard. Like me, she still doesn't want an all touch phone but would try one out if there really isn't any other option for her.
    She asked me just recently for what sort of phone would best suit her, I brain stormed, concluded with the Passport.

    She's been through Samsung's droid but she called it "unfriendly" and went back to using an old school phone (symbian?). iPhone's out of the choices because we both conclude that it's not worth its price in our country. Windows is also out because she won't pick up any phone I've had trouble with. She believes that if I can't understand it, there's zero chance she'll understand it. I wanted to like Windows Phone but we just couldn't click, flow-wise.
    She picked up my 9300 and said she would try it out but it's just too small for her (the keys). I told her it was outdated and there's a bigger one. So I showed her the review of the Passport here on Crackberry and the moment she saw the size, she immediately wanted one. I also sweet talked her into it of course.

    My problem here now is this: learning curve. My mom's not really that patient when it comes to learning tech (facebook and email still surprises her) but I convinced her to start learning new OS because I told her the one she's used to might no longer exist in a couple of years.

    How do you think she'll adjust coming from a completely zero background of BlackBerry OS? Hopefully she won't give up on it like she did with her droid.

    For those with a Passport, have you tried letting the older ones use it? Any feedback from them?

    How big can the fonts get?

    P.S. My mom's in her 50's.
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    10-02-14 11:00 AM
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    My parents both have BB10 Took some adjustment but both are fine with it. They are in there 60,s

    Keep in mind not everyone needs or wants a top of the line phone.

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    10-02-14 11:27 AM
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    I showed my Q10 to my father, who accidentally opens tens of applications on his Bold 9900... And never remember how to do things, even immediately after I showed him.

    Although he said "It' hard because it's the first time I use this" after he got to the account selection in the HUB, he immediately grasped the concept of swipe from the bottom. It's better then how he does with the old OS.

    I'm "selling" it to him to get the Passport.
    10-02-14 03:56 PM

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