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    The passport first looked extremely ugly to me and I had no faith in the future of this company. Actually no, I just didn't really have interest in these phones anymore. Like sure they're great communicating device, I love my Q10, but I don't think that's enough to cut it anymore. I really think the worst thing for blackberry is still their app selection... it's embarrassing, sorry. Android apps work sure, some of them. That doesn't cut it though. I don't know. I'm sure blackberry will survive as a company but I don't see them surviving in the handset business much longer. That being said the iPhone 6 hasn't impressed me at all... and that's a very unbiased opinion.

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    09-18-14 09:51 PM
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    Kind of got off topic, **** he passport has grown on me in terms of cosmetics. I will be purchasing a passport. But it could be my last blackberry. Could be everyone's last.

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    09-18-14 09:52 PM
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    Yeahh my patience has been running thin with BlackBerry. Even though I love my Q10. There's still more to be desired.

    Mainly the apps. Luckily I do have a Galaxy S5 also. But I only want to hold one phone, I'm hoping then next full touch phone will do me justice.

    Add to that the Amazon App Store, I think we should be good.

    Just hope the Amazon Market or whatever it's called takes off and developers submit apps to it.

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    09-18-14 10:50 PM
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    1. Don't judge until you try.
    2. It's not designed for the mass consumer market.
    3. There will be additional options for additional markets next year.

    BlackBerry have a multi-market strategy and aren't placing all their focus on a single product for a single market. Neither should you.
    09-18-14 11:00 PM
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    inb4 gone
    09-18-14 11:02 PM
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    Personally, I think the passport will sell well at the beginning because it's different. It all depends if it is what BlackBerry thinks it is. I mean, will it be all that it's perceived to be? Time will tell us

    Q10 with Telus on
    09-18-14 11:04 PM
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    BlackBerry should start licensing BB10 to other mobile phone manufacturers. BB10 is an excellent OS but it will die waiting for BlackBerry to produce devices. Not to mention those 'out-of-box' designs that users need to convince themselves that it will be awesome or need some time to fall in love with it. Business is not a love story...

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    09-19-14 12:04 AM
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    ^ no thanks.
    09-19-14 12:09 AM
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    Interesting opinion piece op. Not everyone would agree. What device will you get instead?

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    09-19-14 12:25 AM
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    Interesting opinion piece op. Not everyone would agree. What device will you get instead?

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    Honestly, I don't know. I haven't been satisfied with a lot of phones in the last couple years. Apple always had a way of winning over customer with their elegant devices. In my opinion the last elegant phone they released was the 4 and 4s. Those were awesome designs. (also steve jobs' last design). The 5 got uglier and I think the 6/6+ looks worse. And I've hated iOS since the upgrade to 7.

    I've had android before and I found it too cluttered and annoying. I bought a galaxy s3 when it launched. Got rid of it for a Z10 when it launched.

    So, blackberry seems to always satisfy me the most when it comes to every day use, ya, but the whole app thing is getting reeeeally annoying when there truly is an app for everything on iOS and android, and some are important. I dunno. Doesn't help when I have to explain to every single person I come in contact with why I still have a blackberry lol. I get chirped all the time, but i embrace it! I just feel like the passport may be my last blackberry.

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    09-19-14 02:28 PM
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    most all android apps work on my z30. I don't see what the problem is

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    09-19-14 02:49 PM
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    I wanted to start a new thread till I saw this like 10 mins ago.

    I'm sure after toy get your phone and over months a mishap might happen.. do you want this to happen to your phone??

    So much for the extra protection that Apple says about their glass and screen..

    Click on this link.. share your thoughts..

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    09-19-14 03:21 PM
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    Toy = you*

    Sorry for typo

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    09-19-14 03:22 PM
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    Whether BlackBerry Passport will be a differentiator for BlackBerry 10 platform is yet to be seen. My first impression was that Passport was extremely ugly too, but I am fond of it now actually due to its width. While big square screen sounds silly, but could turn out to be good for PDF or e-book reading (which I do a lot) without having to physically rotate the device because there is really no longer a difference between portrait or landscape view. I do have a 7-inch tablet too for reading, but it is quite unwieldy at times.
    09-19-14 03:30 PM
  15. Moopusmaximus's Avatar
    2. It's not designed for the mass consumer market.
    Lmfao stop.

    This phone is designed for the mass market. No company that is aiming for profit deliberately says "let's make this phone specifically for a super tiny amount of consumers!" BlackBerry is here to try and make a profit. The Passport is the phone Chen said would appeal to spec users. BB is praying to the gods this phone does well
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    09-19-14 03:37 PM
  16. PFman's Avatar
    It's not aimed at the mass market....

    we know that because there is no advance marketing at all. No one knows it's coming at all.

    My grandad, and who died in 1998, knew a big screen iPhone was coming in 2014....

    Marketing is needed to sell simple....
    09-19-14 03:43 PM
  17. whatsever's Avatar
    Buy the Note 4 an be happy with it. I never had a qwerty phone but the passport will be my first.

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    09-19-14 03:45 PM
  18. anon(377288)'s Avatar
    I never had a chance to get my hands on BlackBerry 7 OS, I started from z10. I say "started" 'cause I've decided to use BlackBerry from now on. Yes I tried, used, got expert on every OEM and OS and now I choosed BlackBerry, Considering I care about cpu speed and applications either! Look at those devices out there, I was a samsung fan, but really, open source? Such a waste of physical resources! What apple can do ( just in case, I hate iphone!) with a dual core 1.2 GH and closed source kernel, android can't with a quad core 2.5GH(!) they are throwing new models afterwards, the relation between their flagships is like relation between parallel universes: "...just like the previous model, but slightly different!!" they are done! Yes other manufacturers are like " weee areee the champions..." but they are like a taxi at their top speed! They are on top, nothing new to present. & guess what? BlackBerry is a ferrari which didn't even started the race! It's accelerating for now, and "Passport" is the ugly sound made when shifting the gear.. it's sound of starting a whole new era of blackberry. but imagine a ferrari at it's top speed. it's glorious imagine all that potential unleashed during a few seconds! it had this potential all the time, just was riding in off-road! Where it's not built for.. it's not all about speed, it's about steering the car, and BlackBerry is so soft! Forsaken by developers, a real lack of apps but still the most reliable and comfort UI by far, it has something to say, it feels like "Ah... if there's one they left from my life, I prefer to use BlackBerry to say goodbye to my loved ones!"
    And as Chen said, they are not looking a market for their "phones" like Huawei, they sell security and security is expensive! And only a few percentile of the world make/pay huge money, so they don't need a huge percentile of the market! They don't need market at all! They are working with governments, enterprise corporations, security industries..For God's sake, It's not "project Ara"! The day over 50% of the market start buying BlackBerry, BlackBerry is dead! Limitation has it's own benefits
    sorry for my bad English

    From Z10 with love
    09-19-14 04:56 PM
  19. gg bb's Avatar
    Thing is the Passport was way into development before Chen took over. Chen's idea is the Classic. The Passport is not a mass market phone - Its a feeler to say 'This is what we could do, do you like it?' If its a moderate success expect further phones like the Passport. Otherwise expect more conventional phones like the Classic and Z3 because BlackBerry are gambling on Z3 and Classic not the Passport.
    09-19-14 05:25 PM
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    Eh... if things don't go relatively "OK" with the Passport (and whatever other device they currently have almost ready),.. it just might be everyone's last kick at the BlackBerry *device* can.

    So, enjoy it while you can... and hope that other platforms become "good enough" to fulfill whatever needs BlackBerry fulfilled, by the time you need them to.

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    09-19-14 05:28 PM
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    OP, the Passport may be the first BlackBerry for some people. It's a revolving door!

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    09-20-14 08:42 AM
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    1. Don't judge until you try.
    2. It's not designed for the mass consumer market.
    3. There will be additional options for additional markets next year.

    BlackBerry have a multi-market strategy and aren't placing all their focus on a single product for a single market. Neither should you.
    I am happy they notified you of their multi-market strategy. This is news to the rest of us.

    Blackberry always.....
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    09-20-14 08:53 AM
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    I am a small business owner and have used a BlackBerry, slider, 9900 Bold then a Z10.
    Personally the whole app issue has never been a problem for me and to be honest it's tiring.

    My only dilemma is can i justify spending the $$$ for a new phone when This one performs so well?

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    09-20-14 09:18 AM
  24. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    Honestly, I don't know. I haven't been satisfied with a lot of phones in the last couple years.
    You know, I'm kind of in the same boat. Perhaps it's because I'm lucky and can play with all the different platforms, but I see how they all work and no one has quite made the phone I want.

    I'm rocking a Z10 and I like it. Don't love it, but like it. Like the size, like the screen, like the OS (minus the occasional random reboot and the contacts bugs), like the removable battery and like the HDMI port. Don't like the mediocre battery, don't like BlackBerry Link and there are holes in the app situation. I can "get by" with some Android apps, but it's hit and miss. Some work fine for what I need, others are kinda sluggish and I feel like I'm compromising.

    I've actually been lucky to see and hold a Passport also. Not for me, because I think it's too big to fit in my pocket. The screen is gorgeous and it provides both keyboard and a big screen. I'm also a bit worried about how it handles Android apps with that square screen it has.

    There's also the issue that I type better on a keyboard. People on other platforms have told me that "I'll get used to typing on glass" and it's never happened. Not with 18 months on Z10, nor 18 months on iPhone 4S, nor with Kindle Fire, nor with PlayBook. I can type quicker than before, but actually have serious accuracy problems on a touch-screen. I get hundreds of emails a day and this is important. When I saw the classic, I thought, "That might be for me", but I wonder how the device will perform (Z10 hardware, but a 1440 x 1440 screen), how the Android apps will behave on it with that aspect ratio and what apps I have on my Z10 that I won't be able to run on it?

    There's lots of buzz aorund my office about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We make iOS apps in this location, so it's understandable. They look good in the hand, the app situation is arguably the best on the planet and Apple continues to refine and established OS and ecosystem. Unlike many of my coworkers, I don't think they will bring world peace and an end to starving children. They're solid phones with a great app selection, great ecosystem but nothing I saw with either phone would ever make me want to stand in line for hours. Like the Passport, I found the 6 Plus to be too large for carrying in a pocket.

    I'm a Mac guy and an Apple TV owner, so having an iPhone would work better with the hardware I have, but then also bring some real world issues when I leave said ecosystem. I'd have a hard time dealing with the volume of emails I get on it, the battery is OK (not stunning) and I travel a lot. I also like to watch TV when I travel and this requires extra (expensive) accessories to plug the phone into hotel TVs.

    I've said it a thousand times ... I just hate Android. I've tried to like it because you can get great hardware at a great price on that platform and a great app/content ecosystem, but I find the OS kludgy and maddening. I have a Kindle Fire HDX now and I've regretted buying it every day i've had it. I have a Galaxy Note at work which is better because it accesses Google Play but still has that "crap flying at you from everywhere" style of UI that I hate.

    Windows Phone

    Had HTC come out with a "One" like set of hardware with Windows Phone came when BlackBerry 10 was launching, it would have been a serious contender. I also love Nokia hardware, Nokia cameras and find the OS more eloquent than Android and refreshingly unique. That said, I find it a little ugly in spots and while the Native App situation is better than BlackBerry 10's, it still has huge holes and no corresponding Android runtime to fill some of the missing pieces.

    Tech is in many respects about compromise. My dream phone is:
    - Nokia styled hardware and camera
    - Android style pricing
    - iPhone ecosystem
    - BlackBerry keyboard plus HDMI
    - BlackBerry 10 OS matured

    I think that I'll wait to see what comes next year
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    09-20-14 09:23 AM

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