1. jupjam9's Avatar
    Does anyone else find that it is sometimes nigh-on impossible to type on the Passport keyboard when outdoors? Sometimes it's OK but generally it's like it's having an epileptic fit and deleting words, hitting shift and activating the magnifying glass all by itself! This is especially bad if the weather is damp (not necessarily raining) and I have given up trying to type and walk! I don't know if this is just a problem with my Passport, or a quirk (an irritating one) with the fact that the Passport's keyboard is capacitive (right word?). But even when sat still outdoors, it seems to have a mind of its own! As I type now it has been...ok...but then it's cold and dry. But it has been doing it for a while. I know how the Passport's keyboard works (swipe to delete, double tap to 'magnify and select' etc. Thought I'd see if it is a Passport flaw before I take it in to be 'fixed'. Many thanks all!!

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    01-23-15 07:24 AM
  2. mraustinn's Avatar
    I have the same issue since day one. Many people have the issue also, it's a design flaw.

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    01-23-15 07:48 AM
  3. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    I've never had any issues in mild and cold conditions. However I can see some static issues causing the capacitive touch sensor to throw a fit.

    What exactly do you mean by "outdoors"? Cold, Warm, Wet?

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    01-23-15 07:57 AM
  4. tmurphx5's Avatar
    There are a few threads on this apparently the latest leaked OS let's you turn off the capacitive keyboard as a sort of fix.

    Passport running on
    01-23-15 08:26 AM
  5. jupjam9's Avatar
    OK, thanks guys. Looks like I'll have to put up with it for the time being then! It's not a massive problem, but when it's at its worst, it is highly irritating (and embarrassing as I'm stood there screaming at the thing saying, "what the hell are you deleting words for?!", whilst onlookers are looking slightly scared!).

    AnimalPak200...um, just outdoors as opposed to indoors I suppose, sorry if that doesn't help. But as I mentioned seems to be worse if it's not bright, sunny and dry...i.e. If it's damp, or foggy it tends to be worse. Dont know if it thinks that my thumb is on more of the keyboard than it actually is in these situations?! Who knows!

    Well, if it is a wider problem and this is the first ever capacitive keyboard, then it works pretty bloody well 90% of the time, so no doubt any gremlins found since launch will be banished come Passport 2!

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    01-24-15 01:44 AM
  6. shai404's Avatar
    No issue here and today was a horrible weather day and I used it outside with no issues

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    01-24-15 01:48 AM
  7. Apple Aya's Avatar
    I also have this issue. I use my phone outdoors a lot for writing emails and texts and to have this happen is more than just an inconvenience. It kills productivity. Man this phone has so many bugs...thinking of maybe going with a Classic instead.
    04-01-15 08:31 PM
  8. houstoncheng's Avatar
    I have this issue once in a while, mostly when it's cold. Havent had the issue over the past few weeks.

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    04-01-15 09:26 PM
  9. James St-Pierre's Avatar
    Never had this issue here, even at -25 degrees Celsius outside.

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    04-01-15 10:40 PM
  10. salexs11's Avatar
    known issue. hopefully a software update can fix this...
    04-01-15 10:44 PM
  11. ngc's Avatar
    Never had this issue, I live in Caracas, Venezuela and we have very high humidity here...

    Also had a trip to Panama a couple of weeks ago and my Passport was flawless...

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    04-02-15 01:24 AM
  12. FedoraForMe's Avatar
    I have the issue when phone and my fingers are cold (i.e. after a couple hours in a hockey arena).

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    04-02-15 06:06 AM
  13. pgg101's Avatar
    Never had this issue, I live in Caracas, Venezuela and we have very high humidity here...

    Also had a trip to Panama a couple of weeks ago and my Passport was flawless...

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    Sounds lovely. I live in cold Toronto, and no issues like that either. I've had it since December 2014.

    RedBerry Passport / / Telus
    04-02-15 06:13 AM
  14. newcollector's Avatar
    Like others have mentioned, no issues indoors or out of doors.

    Posted via CB10
    04-02-15 08:31 AM
  15. fanisk's Avatar
    Had exactly Same issue in a very cold day in Germany for a couple of times, I am not sure if it is because of the outside temperature or my cold fingers.

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    04-03-15 03:27 PM

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