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    Totally loving my Passport, but am having 3 specific issues. Does anyone have insight on these? Do you think they're software or hardware?

    Opening a Conversation Thread
    When I open a conversation thread from the hub (text message is the primary culprit) the thread doesn't always scroll to the bottom message but rather the 2nd last. What I really think is happening is the last line of the message is covered by the new message text row or the OS doesn't auto-scroll high enough to account for this extra line. What do you guys think? Anyone know if this is in the 10.3.1 update?

    SD Card Recognition
    I have a 2GB SD card in my Passport. Randomly, the device will not detect the presence of the card. This commonly happens after a re-boot but also happens periodically. I haven't found a reliable way to replicate the problem. I am very careful with my Passport so I know it isn't happening from jarring or dropping of the phone. The solution is to pop off the back and reset it (the card does not feel loose at all when resetting it) which always works. Anyone else have this problem randomly? Think its hardware or software?

    Cold Weather Power Down
    I'm in Canada and we get cold weather (last week as cold as -28C). When walking outside my Passport will randomly turn off (it is inside my pocket). Not a significant issue, but odd that it would do this. I know its happening because when I get back inside I can see it starting up again. This week we're closer to -10C and its still happening. Think its hardware or software?
    11-17-14 04:40 PM

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