1. markmall's Avatar
    Have been using the PP in very serious, high pressure work scenarios for 2 weeks. Have had it about 6 months but first time high pressure work where time of essence, etc.

    I can't imagine having an android or iPhone for this sort of work. There is a place for BlackBerry. They just need to hang around long enough and word will get out but they need to help themselves a little with marketing.

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    05-24-15 02:28 PM
  2. aha's Avatar
    What line of work do you do?

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    05-24-15 02:29 PM
  3. Al moon's Avatar
    Pharmaceutical distribution you know

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    05-24-15 02:40 PM
  4. gipper69's Avatar
    The only thing that would make it better in a work environment would be making it more ***** resistant. Having a hardened version with water,dust and vibration /drop resistance would have saved a number of folks around here. The available cases don't really have what it takes to make up for our klutz factor. I'd love to be able to take the passport when canoeing or to the beach and not worry about the ziplock bags leaking. I used to have an old Cassio that lived through several dunking an numerous drops.

    Posted on my Passport to the future
    05-24-15 04:39 PM
  5. markmall's Avatar
    Mine has survived many drops. The bars in unlocked version function well.

    Posted via CB10
    05-24-15 05:17 PM

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