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    Ordered the passports on the 15th and just got them delivered today. I immediately tore into the box and unwrapped the beauty. Instantly fell in love with the form factor. I had my doubts at first when looking at it online and reading reviews, but once you have it in your hands it's a totally different story. I bought 4 passports not knowing which one would ship first after reading about all the horror stories. 1 for myself and 1 for the wife are the keepers. Unfortunately it's not looking like she's into the passport as much, she's getting all bothered by the width.

    The last BB I had was the Q10 and compared to the Passport it just makes it look like a dinky toy. I'm a huge gadget lover with my primary cell phones being a Note 3 for work and an iPhone 6+ for home. I swap out between the iP6+ and Nexus 5 depending on the moment. Now I'm looking to incorporate BB back into my work flow so I'm hoping it'll replace my Note3 completely. BB+Droid+IOS keeps me from going insane and locking down into an ecosystem/culture.

    This keyboard is absolutely fantastic! I don't know how the quality control is but I did notice that the two passports that came in today had drastically different stiffness/flex. My wife's passport (well the one I decided was hers) has a much more responsive, light click, feel meanwhile mine is a bit stiffer and the buttons don't seem to click but mush a bit. Probably just needs to be broken in a bit more.

    Iím going to have to see about the ridiculously amazing battery life Iíve been hearing about. All in all this is a beautiful and efficient device. The size is fantastic, the keyboard is amazing with the touch gestures, the screen is phenomenal. I canít wait to get some more screen time in on this beaut.

    Also just wanted to note that I for anyone coming from virtual keyboards this thing is a breeze. Itís like making the switch from rubber domed keycaps to a mechanical keyboard.
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    10-22-14 06:56 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Glad you are enjoying the Passport!
    10-22-14 08:02 PM
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    After 5 days of having my passport, the initial excitement was a bit tempered by the rather hottish temoerature this device was and is running at times and not as great a long battery life as others have experienced. However as others here have also stated after the initial reloadings, rebootings ,things now do settle down much to my relief.
    Showing off to colleagues at work invariably elicit praise for this device , I am definitely understanding why the form factor is 4.5 in square, It fits into all my shirt pockets perfectly and does not stick ou of the pocket. Looking up web sites, reading documents and the gorgeous display is certainly what wows those who have tried my passport.
    10-22-14 09:00 PM

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