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    I've had the AT&T version of the Passport for the last year and a half. Everything on it is updated, it has served me very well... up until today. Normal day. Ran errands, came home, played music on it, BBM'd with my boyfriend. And then it happened-- my phone freaked out and wouldn't send a message. Whatever, just restart, right? Well, did that and nope... it wouldn't load a thing. I tapped open apps to see it almost load then disappear from the task manager window. My photos aren't just not loading, they're GONE. I can't access anything on the Hub as in the screen dims to load and then returns to regular brightness to do nothing. Can't even access Settings. My programmed names aren't showing up in place of full phone numbers. AND the upper right corner just beside the front-facing camera heats up like mad very quickly when I try to do anything. What does this sound like and can anyone advise me on what I can do to save my sweet Passport?
    05-29-17 01:43 AM
  2. Tim-ANC's Avatar
    There have been problems with the PP, all models. Some are claimed to be issues with the 10.3.3 OS. Did you have an OS update recently? What OS are you running now?
    05-29-17 03:17 AM
  3. Tim-ANC's Avatar
    05-29-17 03:24 AM
  4. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Never experienced that, then again, not carrier-purchased. I did get all the updates for mine. Best advice: use an autoloader, and move everything to the SD card in file manager, that includes photos, videos and voice recording before you load it clean. Use the most up to date loader files too.

    Typed using my BlackBerry Passport running the latest QNX software release 10.3.3 on Freedom Mobile DC-HSPA+
    05-29-17 04:07 AM

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