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    There may be still a few units of BBRY Passport left at Travel Electronics shops on the departure level of international terminals at Frankfurt airport (FRA).
    My friend and I grabbed one each yesterday at the shop in terminal 2 just after passport control, next to tax refund office. The price was 599 euros. But the beauty is you can still claim tax refund for purchase from this electronic shop. Thus the price was down to 534 euros after tax refund. Couldn't be better. So I bought one more (already have one arrived just before the trip to Germany), and tax refund was 20 steps away.
    The shop had only two BBRY Passports at the time, but the sale guy said that if we could wait for 20 minutes he would had more brought over from Travel Electronics shop from other terminals. We were running out of time then, so there may be still a couple of unit left in the airport if no one has taken them.
    So if you are in the international terminal, look out for this shop and just ask for the Passport even if you don't see one on display.
    And remember to ask if tax refund is eligible. Tax refund is not eligible for cosmetic, food, alcohols and tobacco from the big Duty Free shop. For other stuff or other shops, just try and ask.
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    Wow! Great find! Thanks for sharing...

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    10-20-14 04:28 AM
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    Lucky find. Hope you enjoy yours.
    10-20-14 04:29 AM

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