1. TimJW's Avatar
    I'm the kind of guy that needs to have play with a phone before I buy it, especially if I'm signing up to a 24 month contract with a carrier. That being said, I'm finding it very difficult to make the jump to the Passport because I can't find a model anywhere.

    I live in London and I know there are demo units in Selfridges, but surely there must be some more around London?
    The other brands manage to get plenty of their handsets in stores as live demo units, or even have enough in stock to get to view one if not. So far, the best I can find (and I've tried numerous shops) is a replica handset, which doesn't quite do the job.

    I wish Blackberry had a few more stalls, like that of Samsung, in shopping centres around London and the UK, with more units in store. I am tempted by the Passport, but I'm not going to get one from the internet without at least having a wee play.

    If anyone knows of anywhere in London, other than Selfridges, that has demo units please let me know. I'd love to try out this beast before I make up my mind.
    11-03-14 06:21 AM
  2. Zmain's Avatar
    Try Carphone Warehouse in Oxford Street next Bhs

    Sent from my outdated Z10
    11-03-14 06:25 AM
  3. Spawn12's Avatar
    Try CPW, some of their stores have them on display from what I heard.

    As for more demo units?? Yes it's a shame that there aren't more out there but alot of it is due to most UK carriers no longer interested in anything BlackBerry sadly.

    Also you could try vodafone as they sell the Passport, they may have one on display for you to try.

    Also remember if you buy online, you have 7-14 days in which to return the device if you don't get on with it. That's the law, you have a certain period in which to cool off. But always ask just to make sure as some places have different rules/regulations to their cooling off period.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-14 06:27 AM
  4. shell_gwn's Avatar
    Call Carphone Warehouse at Canary Wharf - I saw one there about a week ago.
    11-03-14 06:29 AM
  5. TimJW's Avatar
    Unfortunately there's none in any of my local CPW EE, o2 or vodaphone shops.

    I'm tempted by the online return policy, but not sure how exactly that would work with Pac codes and changing networks and retaining numbers etc. seems a wee bit complicated.

    Have you experience in this? I'm not planning on returning it, but would like to know it's easily done IF required.
    11-03-14 07:05 AM
  6. Banco's Avatar
    Um. I take the wider point, but since there are demo units in Selfridges, why not...well...go to Selfridges?

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    11-03-14 07:16 AM
  7. TimJW's Avatar
    Um. I take the wider point, but since there are demo units in Selfridges, why not...well...go to Selfridges?

    Posted via CB10
    Yep, could do, but I've not managed to get there yet. It's not the most convenient for me and it's always ridiculously busy, especially now that we're in the run up to Christmas.

    At the risk of causing fall out, has anyone used both the Passport and the Samsung Note 4? They're both pretty interesting devices and wondered if anyone had trialed them both?
    11-03-14 07:47 AM
  8. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    Agreed 100%! Always try out the device first befroe purchasing!

    Posted via Passport OS Wireless
    11-03-14 01:33 PM
  9. JamieWilson01's Avatar
    All carphone warehouses and vodafone stores in glasgow have them.

    Via CB10 from Scotland using PassportSQW100-1/
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    11-03-14 02:44 PM

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