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    I am getting one of them Friday at ATT. I am steering towards the Passport, I have the Q10 & my biggest gripe was the missing answer/hang up buttons missing. of course after a year I now do not miss them. BUT I am keeping the Q10 for one of my phones, just trying to figure out if I get the classic am I going to confuse myself?
    I heard Classic battery is not removeable. Is the passport?
    Are we going to be able to load Android apps right in without side-loading finally?
    I am hoping one might have better reception than the other? My Bold ( the one thats going bye bye forever) has hardly any reception in my office. My Q10 is better but i still get a lot of dropped calls in weird places.
    I do not use alot of apps on my phones since i have tablets,kindles, laptops etc I want a good working phone for email, text & the important business stuff, but If I were to want an app that I need for my business that currently i can't get on any of my other BB phones I would like to not have to figure out how to get it on the phone.
    I thought I was bad at typing... did not realize the double typing was NOT me until today, its the Q10.. LMAO!!
    02-18-15 06:13 PM
  2. RexdaleNap's Avatar
    Get passoort classic has same specs as q10. You can get new key or keyboard onq10 cheap.

    Unless you need trackpad and those buttons, get passport. Classic is slower than passport too

    For android apps esp passport cpu is much faster

    You can alreqdy load just with apk and jow they have ported full google play store to bb10 there is how to on youtube by Agentjucey

    Typed on note 3 pardon typos I only use passport for business
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    02-18-15 06:24 PM
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    Yes both phones have non-removeable battery. I would say go with passport because its a best of the both worlds. Get the work done for business and enjoy entertainment at spare time with massive battery power. Also you can sideload a Snap which is Google PlayStore client to get any Android app you want. Hope that helps.

    Via BlackBerry Classic OS on Blazing Fast T-Mobile 4GLTE.
    02-18-15 06:25 PM
  4. RexdaleNap's Avatar
    02-18-15 06:26 PM
  5. tremor1's Avatar
    If your biggest gripe are the call and end keys. Then get the Classic.

    Posted via CB10
    02-18-15 07:54 PM
  6. Denvertorch's Avatar
    The reviews I've seen have been better for the Passport.
    02-18-15 08:10 PM
  7. Doug Lewis1's Avatar
    Passport, in a heartbeat. Best phone I've had, and faster than many tablets. No comparison.

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    02-18-15 08:31 PM
  8. FrankUnderwood's Avatar
    Flip a coin. Either way you win. There's also a thousand other "Passport or Classic" threads on CB to review the reasons for each.

    Love my Classic!

    Posted via CB10 on the President Underwood version of the BlackBerry Classic
    02-18-15 08:48 PM
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    How are you using it most often? If one-handed, then go for the Classic. Two-handed or use only one device, then Passport. Wish the Classic had at least Z30-level specs. As for me, I lean in the direction of the Classic only because I also have an iPhone 6 Plus.

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    02-18-15 09:06 PM
  10. 7onZ's Avatar
    In either devices, you would still need some minor tinkering with Snap in order to provide a decent solution for the-app-gap (I would prefer this app than amazon). But if you want to carry less gadgets, go with the passport. There's a big probability you'll be touching less of your tablets with this monster. On the contrary, if you want to focus on doing something with your devices, a good classic-tablet setup will do great for you. One device for business, one for entertainment. Call quality is just a bit the same if you would just keep the speakers on your ear. But handling calls can be a bit odd with the wide passport, I would gravitate more with the size towards classic if you are like me, used to taking calls often with bare hands. This speaks also with your personal preference. If you like to be discrete with handling your business device go for Classic, if you want to be high profiled, go with the passport.

    Performance wise, you're all good if you generally use native apps. And don't worry about working with bigger screens, BlackBerry Blend got you covered on that.

    Clickety-Clack via CB10
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    02-18-15 09:11 PM
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    I used a q10 for months. Now I'm on the passport and love it so far. Working to get use to the keyboard. As of now I like. Just using for email BBM and office work. No cell yet as I am a long time vzw guy.

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    02-18-15 09:28 PM
  12. Whispering's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. I don't miss the answer/end buttons anymore. At first with the Q10 I did but after a year I am all good with swiping. That's why I was concerned with having a classic & a Q10 would i get myself all messed up? As I carry 2 phones with me all day. When in the office I use speakerphone on the phones so i can type on the computer while talking. My personal phone I usually have hooked up to my car bluetooth so I am considering using the Passport for that one & switching the Q10 for the business main line as I typically do not answer that one when driving anyway. I appreciate all the tips, ideas & information! I will just be waiting for my Sales guy to text me if they have them Friday morning.
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    02-18-15 11:44 PM

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