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    Apologies for starting a thread about this as I'm sure the answers are already somewhere else, but I'm struggling to find them.

    I desperately want to come back to Blackberry after being forced to onto Android when my beloved 9810 died about a year ago. I loved the look of the Passport when it came out, but was too expensive for me to afford. Then the Priv was announced, which is pretty much my dream phone having adored my Torch as much as I did. Just love the slider form. Plus, having used Android, I've grown accustomed/reliant on some of its features.

    The Priv will likely continue to be out of my price range for a good while yet, but I've found an amazingly priced red Passport *drools* that is so very tempting me to jump now instead of waiting even longer.

    Problem is, I'm not a massive tech guy. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to follow Cobalt's guidelines for Google services, but just want to check a few things before I take the plunge:

    - Can you get Chromecast to work fully with the Passport? By fully, I mean with a range of apps, not just YouTube (which I have seen specifically mentioned as working). For example, Netflix (I've seen that work on Passport, but not with Chromecast), Disney Life (VERY important fot my autistic son) & BT Sport?
    - I'm not a big game player on my phone, but there's a few I'd like to bring over. I've seen that Pokemon Go can work on Passport, so I assume things like Football Manager & Subway Surfers would too. If anyone could confirm, I'd appreciate it.
    - Just generally, how easy is it to get/maintain Android apps on the Passport?

    Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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    At one time Chromecast was working... you had to install Cobalt's apps for Google Play and you had to patch the Chromecast application. But I have not used it in a long time, and technology changes.... seems like the last posts I've seen here were that it wasn't fully working anymore.

    And that is the overall problem with a BB10 phone at this point.... it's has been out of develpment for about 18 months already, only going to get a couple of security patches. And the real heart of BB10 for those that want apps... is the Android Runtime that is now three years old (4.3) and is being phased out by many App developers.

    So with BB10... and Android Apps.

    You are relying on a "hack" into Google Play that might or might not be patched.
    You are relying on developers to continue to support a pretty old version of Android.

    Even if some of those apps work today, they might not tomorrow... as this ISN'T a supported phone for those developers.
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    It might be possible, but you might also want to consider BB10 "as is", instead of semi working with android apps; as is, it does many things right. For specific android things you might want to consider a cheap android phone or tablet. I do have a few android apps working fine thanks to cobalt's efforts, but I'm not comfortable trusting hacked apps for anything related to payments or important information.

    Not that I wouldn't love a fully compatible Passport, but I wouldn't want to depend on wishes; an audioquest firefly red is looking very tempting at the moment, but I would get it assuming it would only work with my computer, not this phone.
    10-05-16 08:10 AM
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    Thank you both.

    If anyone else has/tried to use Chromecast recently, I'd appreciate some feedback.

    I'm still extremely tempted to get the Passport, but being able to cast is kinda a deal breaker. The convenience of being able to put Mickey Mouse on from my phone at 5am while my son claws at my barely open eyes is a big thing.
    10-05-16 02:11 PM
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    I was very tempted by the Audio Chromecast, but there were additional hurdles, beyond whether it even works with the Passport: I mostly listen to BBC radio online, outside the UK, don't know if that could be cast to a chromecast connected to a receiver via optical cable; even if it works the BBC in all its wisdom might stop it from working in the future. So my clunky current solution prevails: optical cable from macbook pro to receiver. The future isn't yet here kids!
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    10-06-16 03:01 PM
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    You can also look at screen mirroring through Miracast. That works with my Classic. That's my advice, especially, if this is something you are looking into and don't already own a Chromecast.

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