07-28-15 07:15 PM
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  1. Apple Aya's Avatar
    Ooops I should have posted my case here:
    Passport case pictures thread-img_20150725_232848322.jpg
    Passport case pictures thread-img_20150725_232744909_hdr.jpg
    Passport case pictures thread-img_20150725_232830960_hdr.jpg
    07-25-15 11:30 PM
  2. vampireassistant's Avatar
    Is there anyone like me when using oem blackberry passport hard shell case that makes my passport scratch at both of top corners? Thanks

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    07-27-15 01:27 AM
  3. yoshivan's Avatar
    Damn! This is what I've been looking for! You'll need and love this one if you're a trade person like myself!
    It's got the another layer over the SURFACE case wich has a flip cover for the camera lens(I always wondered if anyone could make this!) and comes with a holster! No one else can beat this price for sure!
    There's not many reviews or videos out there yet so I believe it's just come out? Anyway I'm so thrilled to have this case!!

    $20 off only today as of 28th. July! Go grab it!!

    Done deal!!
    Thanks CB!!

    Passport case pictures thread-img_20150728_105648.png

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    07-28-15 12:58 PM
  4. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    I use the PDair side holster and the TETDED book style case. Both work exceptionally well and convenient for me. Currently I have a gel case on the device right now and with the gel case fit:s perfectly into my side holster. In the pic I posted I have a gel case attached and fits directly into the PDair side holster. Depending on how I need to carry my device I'll switch between this and a Tetded flip case(has hard shell backing).
    Passport case pictures thread-img_20141231_104148.jpg

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    07-28-15 01:45 PM
  5. LegB4Wicket's Avatar
    Figured I'd go with a patriotic theme today...

    Passport case pictures thread-img_20150728_133137_edit.jpg

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    07-28-15 03:37 PM
  6. Pixel Spartan's Avatar
    Vaja Grip case. 4 days old. It's drastically made the Passport much more comfortable to type on and hold. No regrets

    Passport case pictures thread-20150729095411.jpg

    Passport case pictures thread-20150729095546.jpg

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    07-28-15 06:58 PM
  7. blambtn's Avatar
    Put a PU crocodile skin on mine.
    Attachment 331634

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    Where did you get this?

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    07-28-15 07:15 PM
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