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    I posted about a month ago about how my Passport's screen was slowly detaching. The carrier (Vodafone) sent it to service, apparently they couldn't fix the issue, so I got a new phone instead, the exact same BB Passport black. I was very happy, especially since, for some reason, I get signal in places where the old phone wouldn't work. I started suspecting VF Romania had sold me a second hand unit, especially since the original phone's box was kinda ripped and weird-looking and I don't recall seeing them unseal it in front of me.

    While I didn't have my Passport, I bought a Blackberry Curve. It wouldn't connect to the internet until I called VF and they walked me through https://vodaro.blackberry.com/, where I would set up my email and calendar accounts from Google. That only works if you have any OS up to BB10. VF also asks for 5 euros a month for blackberry connectivity, which I'm still paying right now, despite not using the Curve and moving back to the Passport.

    Now, my question is whether the suprisingly better connectivity is because I'm paying that extra cash, despite not entering routing tables and all the other technical stuff they told me into the BB10, or whether it was simply a better-built unit. OS 10 doesn't have the same security options to enter in the settings, I'm guessing it does it automatically, in the background.

    So, what's happening? Are there settings I'm forgetting about in OS10?

    Thank you!
    11-08-15 06:17 AM
  2. mihnead's Avatar
    tough crowd...
    11-08-15 03:10 PM
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    Call them up and cancel the 5uro service. That service charge is for the old Blackberrys. You don't need it for a Passport.

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    11-08-15 06:05 PM
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    Call them up and cancel the 5uro service. That service charge is for the old Blackberrys. You don't need it for a Passport.

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    Correct. This was a requirement for pre-BB10 OS phones when BIS/BES service was mandatory for a BlackBerry. When you cancel it, it will not affect your connectivity in any way, because you did not utilize this feature at all.
    11-08-15 06:09 PM
  5. mihnead's Avatar
    Already did, thank you.

    Posted via CB10
    11-09-15 11:56 AM

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