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    Hello all,

    Had to take wife's car the other day and she has a Nokia Lumia 930 and the Nokia CR200 wireless Qi car mount. It's a damn tight fit but behold the passport fits in! Apparently there a slightly wider version that Nokia released for the Lumia 1520 it's CR201 and would be a better fit.

    Would be a good option for those with AT&T Passport with wireless charging! The holder is very solid and we have owned since its release with the the Lumia 920.

    Passport Car Mount Option-cr-200-nokia-car-mount.jpg

    Passport Car Mount Option-cr-200-nokia-car-mount-w-passport_edit.jpg

    03-11-15 01:52 AM
  2. mike159sw's Avatar
    More pics please...

    Posted via CB10
    03-11-15 02:12 AM
  3. Hilton_K's Avatar
    More photos.

    It is a very tight fit, once installed it does make the arm circled bend outwards skittle and it's a two handed installation.

    I think the CR-201 being a little wider would work best and be more reliable in the long run.

    This version the CR-200 you could modify by taking off the rubbers on the arms to make it wider.

    Also has hole in the bottom which should fit a micro USB charger.

    Passport Car Mount Option-img_20150311_202610_edit.jpg

    Passport Car Mount Option-img_20150311_202623_edit.jpg

    Passport Car Mount Option-img_20150311_202640_edit.jpg

    Passport Car Mount Option-img_20150311_203151_edit.jpg

    Passport Car Mount Option-wp_20150311_20_27_46_pro.jpg

    Passport Car Mount Option-wp_20150311_20_29_31_pro_edit.jpg

    Passport Car Mount Option-sketch_untitled_28.jpg

    03-11-15 04:54 AM

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