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    I had the smaller screen Blackberrys before 8520 and Q5.
    I was used to the Calendar mode having an entire line when imputing:
    Event Starts ....
    Event Ends .....

    Now, on my new Passport, Event Starts & Event Ends are on the SAME LINE and this leaves half the screen totally empty!

    As I use my calendar a lot, this is an inconvenience, as after imputing the time/date, you no longer see the full entry until you go back and save the entry.

    Is there a way of expanding the line and reverting, in practice to the older format?

    The best I could do so far is reduce FONT SIZE to 7 and then I see the time as well.
    I prefer my font size to be set at 10 - And feel there should be a way of utilizing the empty half screen...


    Passport Calendar imputing time: Event Start/End?-bb-cal.jpg
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