12-10-16 05:35 PM
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  1. chris constantinou's Avatar
    Since the last OS update Bluetooth on my passport works well!

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    10-03-15 10:34 AM
  2. Stomps01's Avatar
    Maybe one of you fine people can also help me figure this one out. My Bluetooth - Passport works fine however when I turn off the B/T for whatever and want to turn it back on doesn't connect for some reason..I literally have to stop, turn off the car. ughh
    Same here.... I have this problem with my BlackBerry music gateway. The only sure way to connect is to have the Bluetooth turned on in the phone before starting my vehicle.. if I turn it off on the phone at any point I have to unplug then plug back in my music gateway.....or manually connect...

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    10-03-15 12:26 PM
  3. zeelob's Avatar
    Mine reconnects automatically if I turn off bluetooth and then turn it back on. I have a 2015 Honda Accord V6 with Navi
    10-03-15 12:32 PM
  4. chris constantinou's Avatar
    You have a problem with the BT on you phone for sure. I've had a similar problem in the past. Someone suggested that I should unencrypt the phone then setup BT. It worked for a while. Then the Z10 seem to encrypt everything and BT messed up again. But Passport work well. Worth a try.

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    10-03-15 05:20 PM
  5. Stomps01's Avatar
    Well I've determined it is hardware...... my Passport and Z30 have the same connecting scenario but my Z10 works flawlessly. Unless the OS is different for the Z10 than the Z30/Passport it has to be hardware.....

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    10-04-15 06:47 PM
  6. sugardad's Avatar
    I recently took the last(?) OS 10 train and upgraded from my flawless beloved Z10 to Passport.
    I own a Renault Megane 2012 with onboard Bluetooth, now what happened after pairing my Passport to my car audio is the creepiest adventure I've been through!
    At first It paired with no problem at all, and the device also asked me If this device it was pairing with was indeed my car, when I pressed yes, the lock screen showed "Renault", a car steering wheel and below info that Passport was connected for Phone Calls, Audio Stream, Blackberry Assistant and to my car's steering wheel multifunction controls (play/stop/pause/voice call, end call etc)
    So far so good, I thought that was easy peasy, after pairing was done, my next move was to perform a simple test call, I initiated voice call and spelled the desired contact name to be dialed to my car's audio, the directive was registered successfully and Passport tried to call, that's when all hell broke loose, my car audio froze to the dialing screen, it was displaying the dialing screen and was frozen there, Passport never completed the call and was also unavailable atm, after a minute or so my car audio somehow revived, cancelled the call and resumed to play my favorite mp3, BUT, I was not able to Increase or decrease volume, I was not able to shut it down, I couldn't do anything at all, as a last resort I revved the car and then turned the ignition off while pressing the audio off button, It finally turned off, for good(!), whatever try I did whatever trick or button combination I performed the car audio wouldn't turn on.
    Before I continue further my car audio has 5 registers for 5 paired devices (Passport was set as resident No3) I have used my car audio with LG G3, Samsung S6/Note 4, Xiaomi Mi4w, of course my precious Z10 and Windows Phone L830/630/925, with no problems or hickups whatsoever, this was my first joyride.
    Now having the turn on problem, I resorted to remove battery terminal from the car and let it sit unpowered for a good 5 minutes, after that voila my car audio was revived back to life, having a death wish I was not ready to believe that a device, the like of BlackBerry was the culprit, I grabbed my trusty Mi4w and G3 and paired them and performed a 10 minute test with each (pairing, calling, streaming), no problems at all, then It was Passport's turn to prove the odds wrong, I disabled the streaming and all extra features from Bluetooth settings page and let only Phone functionality enabled, as soon as I connected the device and Initiated a phone call I had again the same ole symptoms, the device this time initiated the call but after the call has ended, I was no longer able to use any of the car audio controls and I couldn't it turn off, thankfully I turned Ignition off and armed the central locking and thankfully the power cut off shut down more gracefully (If I may say so) the frozen car audio, then I turned It on and reinitiated pairing and calls with the Z10, G3 and Mi4w again with no troubles.

    I'm very worried and displeased,
    BlackBerry should address this Issue,
    I don't know if BlackBerry Assistant is messing up or any of the audio gateway options,
    something is behaving really wrong here and needs to be taken care.
    02-16-16 03:27 PM
  7. animorpho's Avatar

    Is there any update on this as I am having the very same problem and don't want to have to send this phone back like my first Passport
    05-10-16 09:05 AM
  8. keliew's Avatar
    Must say I have absolutely no problems with it for my Benz.

    I guess BB10's bluetooth module wasn't well coded/programmed for a broad range of pairing systems. Just like how some wifi adapters work less well on certain wifi access points, vice versa.

    BlackBerry Passport via CB10
    05-12-16 03:04 PM
  9. gnirkatto's Avatar
    I just bought a new PP SE, as a transition device until the Mercury will (hopefully) appear.
    I have a Dtek50, which I could no longer use, as it constantly loses its wifi connection, when making calls over a connected Bluetooth headset. The debugging/report generation/testing that was required by BB support got so cumbersome and time consuming that I had to stop it.

    PP SE arrived, I set it up, was incredibly happy of having keys and BB10 back, so far so good.
    This morning I connected it to my Volkswagen Tiguan car handsfree via Bluetooth......and since then, it kept losing the connection after ~5 minutes!?!?!?
    I reset the connection on both ends the car and the phone. Reestablished it, and the same problem occurred again.
    As long as the phone is connected, I can make calls, but I CANNOT play music over the car's media system (yes it plays ok over the phone's loudspeakers, so this is not the problem, it's the BT connection!).

    This phone is not usable!!! I can rather live with a phone losing wifi connect from time to time than one that I cannot use with my car's hands free. As per now, if no quick solution can be found, I'll return the Passport, sell the Dtek, and buy me a different brand's phone. I'm too sick and tired of helping BB to debug their failing devices.

    Before someone asks, here are the phones that I had connected to very same car already, which worked without the smallest problem:

    Bold 9900, Nokia E72, Z10, Q5, Q10, Classic, Passport OG, Z30, Leap, Priv, iPhone 7, Dtek50. I may have forgotten a few more. But none made problems.

    Yes, the latest BB10 version is installed on the phone. 10.3.3 not available for me yet.

    No, the car did not get a SW upgrade since I got it in 2011.

    Yes, a BT headset connects to the phone and works fine. So this is not a defective device, but a glitch in BB's BT software.

    Yes, I tried to turn all possible BT settings on the phone off and on, no success.

    I just want a phone that works. Apparently I can no longer get one from BB.
    12-01-16 07:51 AM
  10. GTeyes's Avatar
    My PP was replaced by Blackberry as it had a failing Bluetooth module. My PP would connect fine but would lose connection after like 5-10 minutes. Your situation sounds sort of like mine....so perhaps look at getting it replaced, if possible. Sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. I've moved on to an iPhone after dealing with disappointing devices from Blackberry (2 different Z10s, 4 different Passports).
    12-02-16 07:32 AM
  11. donrobson's Avatar
    My Passport was spotty at connecting to my car - it would lose connection if the player wasn't on, and sometimes wouldn't connect.

    Now with 10.3.3 it won't even connect.

    Are there some other bluetooth files I should load on the phone? I'm trying to see how to return to Blackberry but shockingly haven't figured out how yet.

    Thanks for any help!

    Passport Bluetooth problem-img_20161202_123214.jpg
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    12-02-16 11:22 AM
  12. gnirkatto's Avatar
    BB support told me to reset the phone, which I did. Surprisingly, it connected to the car and stayed connected. I tested extensively, and had an entire day yesterday, with no disconnect at all. I played music, made phone calls, back to music, got in and out of the car etc. not the smallest problem. It worked like a charm.

    Today morning I got back into my car. The phone connected - and disconnected just 2 minutes later!!!
    There was no way I could make it work again, like it did yesterday, for one entire day. I even reset the phone another time, while I was driving, and it did not help. I reset the BT system of my car, and started over from scratch - no connection.

    Back home, I tested with my Bose BT headphones. Connected, and stayed on ok. Then I tried my Plantronics headset. It connected, but disconnected after 1 minute. Then it constantly re- and disconnected.

    Im do now think too that the Passport's BT module might be defective. In particular, as I had another Passport earlier this year, which made no problems at all. Will return it to the dealer on Monday, for replacement or refund. Heavy heart, it's such a great device, and I absolutely love the typing. Even the Android apps that I'm using run ok-ish.
    12-03-16 04:12 PM
  13. gnirkatto's Avatar
    So here is the full story:

    BB support informed me, that 'there is a known problem with Bluetooth in 10.3.2:'

    Bluetooth connectivity issues with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.2

    They also stated that they cannot commit on time frames [to release a fix].

    This article was published in September 2015, so the issue has been known for more than a year, and as per today, they are not able to tell when or if at all there will be a resolution.

    So I asked the question, if the problem will be fixed in 10.3.3 (which is not yet available for me)? Imho they should know, as 10.3.3 is GA already, and a problem in the older version that's been known since over a year should normally be addressed in a newer version, shouldn't it?

    After some back and forth on Twitter and phone, the statement is that 'BB cannot tell if 10.3.3 will fix the problem' - which in fact means that the problem did not get addressed (or else they would know, wouldn't they?).

    So if there was any doubt about BB10 being dead or not, here is evidence: it is over. A CRITICAL problem in the OS, known for over a year, with no fix, a new version gets released, and no idea if the problem will still be there or not.

    Did they forget the problem? Didn't care? Not enough resources to address it? No more competency to address it? Regardless of the reason - it's over. R. I. P., BB10.
    12-06-16 01:02 PM
  14. YesAndNo's Avatar
    I have three Passport SEs , bought from shopblackberry.com and have no issues with BT. It connects to my toyota Prius and i can make calls, and listen to music without a problem. Lucky me.

    Posted via CB10
    12-06-16 11:22 PM
  15. ashdown99's Avatar
    I have the same problem as donrobson.
    I updated using OTA last night to the latest software version ( on my Passport SE bought unlocked from Blackberry Canada. All went well and everything now seems to be fine except for Bluetooth which worked previously without any problem. Now Bluetooth won't turn on. I can move the slider switch until it is blue but all options remain greyed out and the BBVE test shows that the Bluetooth sensor fails.
    If I am in Setting and go to Bluetooth and move the slider switch to on (blue) and then press the left arrow to return to Settings Bluetooth has been turned off.
    What can I do to fix this and regain Bluetooth functionality?
    12-07-16 09:58 PM
  16. CalSandi's Avatar
    Did you change the 'Discoverable' setting to "on"?

    What a CLASSIC!
    12-08-16 10:00 PM
  17. Sam Rosu's Avatar
    I deleted all my BT devices at both ends and reinstalled and it worked better then 10.3.2. You could sweep the phone for android viruses first. I found 66 on my phone after Google play ran updates.

    Posted via CB10
    12-09-16 03:31 AM
  18. robsteve's Avatar
    I was having a problem streaming music when connected to my car's audio. The audio should stream fine for a while, then disconnect.

    Initially turning off the phone handsfree connection to the car in the Bluetooth connection settings of the phone cured the streaming audio disconnects. I later notice I had discoverable on in the Bluetooth settings. Turning it off allowed me to keep consistent audio streaming and still keep the phone handsfree connected.

    This was on 10.3.2. I haven't done any streaming for long periods on 10.3.3.

    In respect to OS upgrades, typically you need to delete the connection in the car's Bluetooth setup and the Phones saved Bluetooth connection. You then just have to go through the pairing process again.

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    12-10-16 03:46 PM
  19. jackcarr's Avatar
    I had to wipe the bluetooth setup in my Ford SYNC system. Once I wiped it and reset it up, it all worked.

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport
    12-10-16 05:35 PM
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