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    I thought I would post a bug fix that I thought only affected me. I've come across a few people who have had the same issue with the Passport blocking or not accepting certain calls. An incoming call will ring once then go straight to voicemail and then indicate that you've missed a call. It can be very frustrating as some users experienced this for months not knowing why they were missing calls. Here's a quick fix:

    When I first got my Passport I noticed that I had a lot of missed calls but my phone would not ring. What happened was:

    1. Certain incoming calls rang once then were immediately blocked and reported as missed calls
    2. I would receive other calls with no issues so at first could not determine what was causing me to miss calls
    3. I called my carrier to see if there was an issue with dropped calls, connection issues, or if they were blocking calls on my number with no success
    4. One day my wife was trying to call me repeatedly from her office (which is a blocked number). Every time she called it was blocked but showed up as a missed call. Shortly after 2 numbers that were unknown to me also called and were blocked. Thats when I realized that all the calls from contacts in my address booked went through but unknown numbers didnt.
    I would receive voicemails or texts, just not incoming calls from blocked or unknown numbers.


    I figured it was the phone blocking unknown numbers not in my address book and did some deep digging into the phone OS to see what could block those numbers. When I saw the parental restriction feature had an option to block calls that were not in my address book I figured it had to be that. It was not enabled but I did the following:
    1. I turned on parental control (Settings>Security and Privacy>Parental Controls)
    2. I then turned on Phone calls from contacts only
    3. Exited settings
    4. Then disabled Phone calls from contacts only
    5. Then disabled Parental controls and reset phone
    6. Once phone was reset everything worked. Seems like the OS has a bug in it with early Passports (developer versions and store bought) where this setting is turned on as a factory default even though it is not enabled in settings.

    I hope this helps any of you who may have been experiencing this issue
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    02-23-15 12:17 PM

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