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    I had been using CascaRun to track my excersize and with spring coming in I decided to start my bike rides again. However, what to do with the passport? I have a carry bag in the front of the bike so I toss it in there and use the audible alerts to monitor my heart rate. I wanted to see the screen so I can see speed and other vital information needed for a good workout. Well as it happens I got a flat and took the tire in to get it repaired. While they took the tire back to work on it I did a little shopping and came across bike phone mounts, and of course my first thought is no way they have one that will fit my passport. I came across one that looked like it might and he let me take it out and try it. Sure enough it fit! So I thought I would share. I grabbed a friends iPhone and took a pic of my passport in the holder. Here are pics and info. Here is the part number HL6500 Smartphone Holder.

    Passport and Bike Mount-caseonbike.jpgPassport and Bike Mount-box.jpg
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    03-18-15 08:48 AM

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