1. eimacdude's Avatar
    After two years where I dropped my Passport more than a few times but it kept working just fine, a slight bump of the corner of the phone against a wall turned off the backlight. Pressing around the phone with my hands seemed to reconnect something as it came back on, but the backlight since has been stuck on maximum brightness. Initially, the SIM card wasn't being recognized either despite multiple insertions, but after I tapped the phone a few times flat on a counter and did a hard reset, the SIM started working again, I guess some contact fell back into place.

    The back light issue is VERY severe, however: the battery gets drained fast even with the phone charging (!) unless I turn off the display (meaning I can't use the phone continuously but for just a total of a few minutes between full charges). The brightness adjustment does nothing. The light sensor works fine according to the BBVE tests, so that's not at issue (proximity sensor is also fine). What do I do? What's the chance taking the phone apart and reseating the display connector would fix this, as opposed to it being a problem internal to the backlight module requiring replacement? I don't want to take it to a repair shop I won't be able to afford replacing the whole backlight module (which also means screen replacement as they're bonded together) for another month...

    07-03-17 03:03 AM
  2. yessuz's Avatar
    have you tried holding volume up + volume down for like 5 seconds?

    it will make force reboot of the device. it sometimes heals such hiccups
    07-03-17 03:13 AM

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