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    According to a quite popular Dutch news website, as well as a retailer, the BlackBerry Passport will be available in The Netherlands somewhere between October 20 and October 24.

    Dutch news site:

    Dutch retailer:
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    09-17-14 09:07 AM
  2. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    Thanks!!! Early good!!

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    09-17-14 09:13 AM
  3. Case_K's Avatar
    And at least the first review is positive . I don't think i saw a price estimate though.

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    09-17-14 09:31 AM
  4. thabigm's Avatar
    And at least the first review is positive . I don't think i saw a price estimate though.

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    There is no price mentioned (yet).
    09-17-14 10:12 AM
  5. thabigm's Avatar
    The website of the retailer is updated, both the 'status' and 'expected' date are removed.

    The news site has updated their article end are now stating: 'Nu.nl has asked BlackBerry NL for a statement'
    09-18-14 04:03 AM
  6. ruben1975's Avatar
    great review! very promissing. Hopefully BlackBerry will give full attention to get BB devices back in stores in the Netherlands!!
    09-18-14 04:11 AM
  7. jelle_57's Avatar

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    09-18-14 05:24 AM
  8. tan_okan's Avatar
    Hello everyone. I will be traveling to Netherlands next week. I found a website called belsimpel.nl. And it seems like they're selling the Passport for 573?. However, since there is no English version of their website, it's hard for me to understand the device only price. Could any of you please help me?

    TAN OKAN Q10
    10-07-14 09:47 AM
  9. itzJustMeh's Avatar
    How about pdashop.nl? It's out of stock today, but yesterday it had online order whole day.
    10-07-14 10:03 AM
  10. OscarCr's Avatar
    re: belsimpel

    573 is the price for the phone only. All the other prices you see listed there are for a combo with a monthly plan.

    I've read it might take a little longer than 24 hours to get your order, so if you're here for only a day keep that in mind. They do seem to have actual stock, but the message I'm basing this on was from a week or two ago. So I'm not sure if that might have changed in the meantime.
    10-07-14 11:56 AM
  11. HitchCB's Avatar
    Couldn't wait, I have grabbed one from Dubai.

    10-07-14 12:20 PM

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