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    Alright, so I have more of a scenario than a simple question. I am in the Military and I will be going to Korea in a few months, I currently have an iPhone 5. My thought was to get a BB Passport before I left because the way I understand it, I can use the phone globally, simply get a sim chip while I am over there. Once I return to the states, I will get a state side chip.

    Why the BB Passport:
    I had a classic passport a while back, and when it broke I went to the iPhone and have never looked back. Sense getting that iPhone I have pretty much bought completely into the Apple system. I have an iPad and Apple computer. I also like the idea of a more business and security focused phone while overseas. I have nothing against the iPhone but I would like a change of pace.

    Itís the holidays and well, who really has $600 to drop? I was looking at the Paypal credit, interest free for 6 months, while I know those are traps, I also know I can pay that off easily within 6 months. The concern part is itís been so long sense I had something outside of Apple I have no idea how much I will like this phone, shape, function, blah blah. Does anyone have experience with returning a phone to blackberry? I am going to look up their return policy but I am not keen on the idea of buying a product I have never put my hands on.

    Specific Questions:
    When buying an unlocked phone directly from Blackberry.com what providers can I use? It seems the phone does not work with a lot of providers, am I stuck with AT&T? Will this be an issue overseas? Specifically I am looking at ďSupported Bands: (Not compatible on Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular)Ē

    Has anyone had a problem returning a phone when they use PayPal Credit?

    Thanks for all the help, I would love to hear any thoughts or answers on this. Thanks.
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    12-21-14 06:43 PM
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    First and foremost THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! Now that that's out of the way on to your questions about the Passport. It will not work on Verizon or Sprint as they are CDMA carriers. AT&T and T-Mobile in the states would work fine with the Passport as well as straight talk. In foreign countries you will find if not 100% darn near it all use GSM which is what the Passport supports. Just check the bands supported versus what your expected carrier supports and would be easy to verify.

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    12-21-14 07:19 PM
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    As a side note I'm using Android right now and specifically the Nexus 6 if the Passport supported Verizon I'd be on it in a heartbeat. Especially the red one that thing is gorgeous!

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    12-21-14 07:21 PM
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    Thanks for your service, and it's just a phone. Pick the one you think will get it done for you.

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    12-21-14 07:22 PM
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    What withdrawl says is perfectly ok.

    There is my 2 cents.

    Starting point: See this and pick the model that will have service in Korea, but think that you will be back to the states so think wide.

    About iPhone the model is in the back cover you will find a answer here https://forums.crackberry.com/e?link...token=B8efWRgq

    After you get the correct version you will need to use a SIM card. Depending the carrier you chose the will have different SIM card policy. As far as I know AT&T will only work with they own SIM Cards until you ask for the unlock, Verizon will for with any foreign SIM Card outside the USA, and only allow Verizon service in American soil until you ask for the Unlock and so on...
    Best think is Unlocked and without carrier modifications (boot logo and other buggy staff)

    Now with the correct Passport unit and Unlocked passport what I really recommend is:

    Backup your staff regularly encrypted of course.

    Protect your device with a strong password. (In your BlackBerry, activate encryption in the device and media SD card)

    Activate wipe after 10 failed attempts

    Try to not trust USB outlets or unknown computers or power adapter to charge your device.

    Try to avoid cloud services.

    Try to use VPN service (always)

    Look your environment (do you will need to establish a secure voice connection. Look out services like silent circle https://silentcircle.com/ or other SW similar solutions since secuSmart is quite expensive since you will need the service in the booth sides of the call.

    Ask to your S.O. Best practices.

    About encrypt the Blackberry and Card:
    They will work as a one, you wipe the phone all data is gone. You remove the info of the card, and wipe the card. all SD data will be inaccessible. So beware.
    12-21-14 08:32 PM
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    But each scenario and purpose needs the correct solution. Buy a pay as you go there will be OK. Depend how paranoid you are.
    12-21-14 08:35 PM

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