07-19-16 08:32 AM
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    05-31-16 11:23 AM
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    Google monetise information. BlackBerry sell software. Google do take your data as that is the price to use their services. It's not a conspiracy, it's how they do business.

    Some of us value privacy and consider google's price too high.

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    I barely find that reasonable at all. Doesn't matter what phone you have, even if you use a BB, if you're using Gmail, you're sending info over Google's servers, if you're using Whatsapp, you're sending info through Facebook's servers, if you're storing files on onedrive, your info is sent through Microsoft's servers. What having a BBOS device differentiates from others is security within the device itself mostly (and apple seems to be catching up fast) and Android have some good options too if that's what you're looking for.

    Unless all your important contacts are using BBM and your emails and cloud storage are looked after by a BB enterprise product, you're sending info through a third party.

    What I'd want, just like many others who've paid a decent sum of money on a Passport, only to lose the Facebook app, Viber and Whatsapp among other things, is the OPTION to convert our beloved device to run Android. (Note the word in block capitals). The phone by itself is not much good if most services being used are stopping support for BBOS.

    It's frustrating having a device which layout we love, stuck on an OS which is not our favourite.
    07-19-16 04:01 AM
  3. GeorgeF_Greece's Avatar
    If the Samsung Note 7 was with:

    a) FLAT 6" screen, b) Stereo speakers, c) with FM radio, d) IR blaster, e) 5000 mAh battery, g) Better grip and not that silly glass design, f) 3:4 screen ratio.....

    ....then I would may consider to leave my PP SS and go back to the note series (I left the Note 4 behind).
    07-19-16 08:32 AM
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