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    To my mind the BB Passport might as well be called BB µPad. And I'd like to own one of them rather sooner than later. But I'm new to BB (unexciting cellular 'history' here, Motorola something, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4) and will only just begin to acquaint myself with a Q10. Aside from rather dim pieces in WSJ (one Joanna Stern) or in Re/code (Bonnie Cha) I also read brief presentations in German periodicals (Golem, Heise c't) and like David Pogue (Yahoo Tech) these articles make fairer presentations. Pogue wrt to my calling it µPad writes back: "I think you've hit the nail on the head..." And, yes, I do expect this device to make some inroads with a select professional segment. In the meantime I use this forum to ease the learning curve to get the hang of 10.2/10.3 on a Q10 soon to be received. -- Ren
    09-26-14 01:16 PM
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    BB uPad?
    Nah....I'll pass on that.
    It already has the perfect name......BB Passport.
    Welcome to the world of Blackberry.....you won't regret making the switch.
    The Q10 is a good phone, you will love it but if you are the type that likes big screens, I would suggest you go for the z30 or the Passport.
    09-27-14 12:22 PM
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    TNX ! The Q10 is underway to me and I mean THAT BB10 device because of the kb and never mind the 3.1" square screen being 'small'. The moment one types on a Z-device the virtual kb takes up space. When I mean to watch videos …well, today I oughta receive a legacy item: Playbook. Why did I snub Apple's alternatives? I use Apple machinery since 1982, then a ][+, later a //c and as of January 1988 a Mac. To me always the most suitable 'outer (I did try others, briefly). Well, Apple pushes their 'Apple-eco-system' and, admittedly, it's comfortable. However, I like to choose myself and physical kb like the Q10 is not available (add-on manufacturer so far not successful) and Evernote offers more what I look for and synching is possible via fruux.com. So, I hope to have my new items up and running soon. Neither games or Youtube &c. are terribly important. I need a small note taking device and a smartphone which excels at email & texting. YES! I'm old, this very likely explains my choices and I offer a friendly grin to those at the forefront. FB et al are not for me.
    Finally, you are right that Passport is a good name! It's very well chosen. And that Passport functions like a µicroPad. No need to rename, just recognizing in full what it is. (I wonder how long I manage to resist buying one - $$ play a role and sight-unseen I don't shop for things of the sort.) ≥no quick reply, eh? Yeah, well, old fashioned, I guess. -- Ren
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    09-29-14 12:12 PM

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