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    Just wanted to give some info. Hope no one has to go through or experience this. Apologies if there is a topic on this as I couldn't find one.

    When I installed PassportSQW100-1/ my BlackBerry groups did not populate as usual. We all know we can't sign out of BBM. However, we can wipe and install another OS or same OS and then be prompted to sign back in to no avail on my end. I waited a couple days hoping they would populate and never happened though my contacts were there. I wound up having to msg Admins to kick me from groups and invite me back which solved the population issue. Now for family groups I created. I have no delete option and I'm the only admin. They might stay until I can find a fix OR I ask member to leave then when it stops populating delete and re-invite.

    The green give no option to leave or delete. The yellow gives option to delete.

    Anyone else experience this?
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