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    So I got the passport some days ago, since day one I updated to, I made a complete reset of the device using blackberry link. I have just one email which is on manual update since I dont use it a lot ( approxim. 10 emails per day) I have whatsapp and facebook messenger app which I rarely use and scribd which is the main reason I got the phone since I found that this is the best display I ever saw on a mobile device. The browser is exceptional 2-3 times faster than my macbook pro!!!! The only problem I have is the battery which it drains pretty easy with light use since the only apps I use is browser and scribd. It could be nice to have 2 days of usage like some other people's threads say. My average battery per day is 1 day and 5 hours. Oh and I dont have a 3g or 4g open since I work at home so I only use wifi.

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    05-07-15 07:44 AM
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    05-07-15 07:53 AM
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    05-07-15 07:55 AM
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    Passport on

    That is today. Wifi usage and phone calls. Lot of emails.
    Was in an area yesterday with weak cell phone coverage and bad wifi.
    Battery was 'down' at 63% at 5PM after unplugging it around 7AM.

    So not bad at all given the environmental challenges.

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    05-07-15 09:59 AM
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    Thank you for your response sir . Well from first look i can see that the main difference is on the display and browser . i use it for 1 hour so maybe that is the problem . I read before on a blog that the last update , the one that i am on caused other peoples battery drainage as well. I really dont know i just wish someone could help me understand why i can't have 2 full days on the device even thought 1 full day like i get now is enough for most devices i still want to get the satisfaction of the 2 ;p
    05-07-15 10:33 AM

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